Saturday, January 17, 2009

Smile Smile....

I just got this mail which made me smile so much. Software engineers really have a poor life and its a proof of that. Its few conversations between project managers(PM) and software engineers(SE). Have a read and smile,

SE  : Why don't we have flexible office hours?

PM : Who says that? You can come anytime before 8.45am and leave anytime after 8pm. See, how flexible we are! Now carry on with your work!


SE:  I want leave for two days.

PM: (Thinking, He has 2+ years of experience. He didn't get chance to go onsite. He lives in the area which is near to lots of other company offices. He must be going for an interview)

 Hmm, no there is lots of work pending and you need to come on weekend also.


SE:  I want leave, my sister is getting married.

PM(Thinking, Damn, his sister has to get married when we are approaching dead line). Okay, when is the marriage?

SE: On this 12th.

PM: Okay, you can go but make sure you don't miss meeting with the client. Its on 13th.


PM: You need to travel onsite after 2 days.

SE: But, I am getting engaged tomorrow.

PM: So? How much time it takes to exchange two rings? Don't miss the flight!


Gal 1: My father made me married an  lawyer. He doesn't have time to take me for shopping.

Gal 2: My father made me married to a doctor. He doesn't have time to ask our children,in which class they are?

Gal 3: I fought with my father and got engaged to my boy friend. From last 4 years, he doesn't have time for getting married.

Gal 1,2: Is he a software engineer?


So how was it?


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