Friday, January 02, 2009

A Busy Day....

It was sort of a busy day. Though I didn't do any meetings but still, I was out almost the entire day. It was (still is) really cold outside and now when I am sitting here and writing this post while listening couple of sad songs, its just a cold feeling that how did I spend the entire day out despite so cold?

I started my day with dropping my sis to work. After that , I was initially coming back to home. But then , all of  a sudden it occurred to me that I am leaving again after a day so I should go and get a hair cut. So I took a u-turn and left for the salon from where I get my hair cut. My hair dresser, who is also a good friend,  was shivering as much as I was so it took him a long time than usual to finish the cut. After that , I was sitting there for some time with the other staff and was chatting as it was for the first time in 2009 I have visited there. There are lots of gals over there who are my sis's friends and some how , today all of them were after me asking that when I am going to get married, a question whose answer is very much hidden for almost all. They all asked me so much about my choice of the gal ,to which I told some "really tough" conditions. Now I won't mention them over here( good to keep it a secret, right!) but the effect was that all were like,'oh that means bro, you won't get married'.Sweet!

From there, I had to go and get some documents printed, signed and scanned. I had to finish this task today only as its Friday and I needed to sent these documents by today only. I did spend some time over the place as its my friend's shop only.

From there, I had to go and pick my mom. She was attending a seminar so immediately when I got back home, I got call from her to pick her up. I left immediately only to know that she is going to come after 30minutes so had to stand there and wait. Did I mention that I still had to have my lunch?

So after doing all this, finally I was at home for about 2 hours. Than again I left to fetch my sister , from where I have come back just now. Its really cold here and I guess , I am caught by the cold winds as well. There is some storm in my nose ;-). I hope I shall stay fine as I have a travel to do in just a day. Let's see!


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