Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emotions Depicted So Truly....

Some times, some lines of poetry depict the emotions so truly. I just read these lines and found them so true. These are in Punjabi. As like always, I shall translate it to English in a while. Have a read,

Je Ishq Di Koi Hundi bhaasha,

Taan Pyar Mere da vi jwab hunda!

Bewfai ohdi j gini jandi,

Ta jakhman mereyan da v hisaab hunda!

Seene j hunda dil ohde,

Ishq mera v parvan hunda!

Dil da dard j bol sakda,

Har ik shabd kitab hunda!

Har panna hanjuan nal bhijda,

Har lafz te ohda hi na hunda!


And here is the meaning in English,

If there would any language of love,

Than for my love too, there would be some answers!

If her betrayal woud had counted,

Than wounds of mine too would had got justice!

If there would be a heart inside her,

My love too could be complete!

If the pain in heart could speak,

Each word would be a book in itself!

Each page would had been drenched with my tears,

Each word would had her name over it!

There is nothing more that I can add to it. There is nothing else I can say to explain the meaning of these lines. If you have ever been in love and got hurt, you would be able to understand the meaning yourself.


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