Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Heart-touching Poetry....

My friend, Amardeep Sidhu sent me a message saying that he has put few lines of a poetry over his blog. As usual, I went and read it and needless to say, those few lines touched me very deep inside. I am going to put those lines here with the translation as the original is in Punjabi. This verse is written by Sukhwinder Amrit, an awesome  writer who has out flames in her words. Please note that the entire credit for putting this poetic marvel over net is of Sidhu and its originally here.

Here are the lines in Punjabi first,

tere mud aaun di dil nu aje b aas baki hai
k mere dard de tan te eho hi libaas baki hai

jadon hasdi haan hanjhu shalak aaunde ne subhavik hi
mere ehsaas de tan te same di laash baaki hai

eh meri akh da athar, kahani da hai ik akhar
te meri hiqq de wich dard da itihaas baki hai

tere seene ch thaathan maarda daria mohabbat da
mere seene ch kai tapde thalan di pyas baki hai

je pathar ho gia seena tan taithon seh nahi hona
k aa v ja, mohabbat da aje ehsaas baki hai

And here is the meaning of it in English,

I still have hopes that you would come back,

On my injured body of sadness,that's the only wardrobe left!


When I smile, tears flow somehow on their own,

The body of my feelings is engraved with the shades of death!


Here is a drop from my eye, and each is telling a story,

And in my heart, an entire saga of sadness and pain is hidden!


In your heart, its an ocean of love flowing ,

But in my heart, there is thirst of so many deserts!


If I shall become a stone, it would be unbearable for you,

Please come back as  there is still love in my heart!

I don't know what to say, what to mention here. I leave it for you to understand what's hidden in these lines. For me, few lines of it( I won't mention which) have said it all!


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