Thursday, January 01, 2009

Back On New Year....

I guess that was the first and hopefully the last time when on 31st December's night , I was traveling away from family. Yes I am back home today on the 1st January 2009 which means that we are now officially in the new year. So firstly, I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. May god give you a lot of happiness, joys and success in this year and you touch the skies in whatever you do. Hope this year comes out among the best years for you. Hope that in this year, you face less support tickets, database and query tuning issues and do lots of learning about Oracle as well :-). Needless to say that you would keep on coming to my blogs/sites as like before. Happy 2009 from Aristadba,Aman!

The session went well.  Guys , as like always were excellent. Infact, for the first time, I was told at the end of the session that they did a search over Google for me and came to know about my sites/blogs. That came out a very nice and pleasant surprise as I didn't expect to hear it that I like Cafe Coffee Day so much in my session :-) . But it was good to hear that. As the module was tough, so there were a lot of discussions. At the end , there were smiles over everyone's face so I hope that everything did go well.

Its really cold here.Infact, we were told in the flight that its not sure that we would be able to land or not. But thanks to god, we did land safely. I am going for another session in next 2 days so I won't be doing much in these days. There are some pending tasks which I need to finish. In addition to everything, me and 2 of my other friends are working on a very ambitious project. Hopefully, we shall be able to come up with some good news pretty soon. Wish luck to us for that. Its really cold and I am making my mood to go and prepare tea, sit in my quilt and listen some music. I guess its off almost in the entire world so enjoy your holiday,so catch you late, till then adios!


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