Monday, January 05, 2009

A Bumpy Day....

I don't know but today it was not just my day, that's all I can say. I can't seem to recall when it was the last time that I had to suffer so much in one single day only. I guess the starting had been from the last night only when I lost my keys and lock. Yeah its very important for me that I have my keys and lock for my baggage, you may call it whatever you like but that's the way it goes with me. So I lost them, actually not me as I never did open the bag myself but still, the endpoint is that despite searching for about an hour, they were no where and we had to declare them as a lost case. That was the start of the mishaps I guess. My sis gave me a new set of lock and keys but the search is still on for the original pair.

In the morning, I thought it would be foggy so I should start early. When I came out, what I see is that today at my place, there is no fog. Great! Never mind, I said to myself and to mom, dad, sis and we decided that I shall go as per the last fixed plan only which was to leave early in the morning at 8am. Me and dad got at the bus stand at 8.15am and I got the bus almost in no time. Damn driver started the bus immediately when I was still making space for myself and luggage so I couldn't even meet my dad properly. I had to call him( that also could be one of the factors that I suffered today) to tell that I am fine. Anyways, I thought as its not fog outside and weather is clear so I shall reach early. I was so sure that I did tweet about the same over my Twitter page as well. But, as like always, when ever I say something before it actually does happen, suddenly some thing changes the entire scene. All of a sudden, bus driver stopped the bus. For about 5 minutes we all thought that its just normal( though doubt bells were already ringing in my head). But then, we heard that the conductor shouted from outside that all must come out and he will adjust us in another bus, it became certain that my normal travel has become "adventurous". Well, normally its a tyre puncture that I see happening but this time, there was some thing wrong with the engine of the bus itself. So there we were, standing on the road , waving at passing buses in hope that they would be agreed to take us with them without charging us. I must mention here that I was traveling with a government bus so normally there is no issue that other buses can refuse to take the passengers in this kind of situation but you know, it all depends on the person who is the authority at that time, rules are in the books/manuals and those are kept safely in offices. Anyways, there were many buses, some took some of the passengers, some refused, some buses were already filled completely, some just didn't stop and in all this, I was running around carrying my bag from one place to another. Did  I mention anytime before that I have a fracture in my left elbow as a result of a BIG accident which I met about 5 years back? So because of that, I can't hold heavy weight for long time from my left arm. Well, after about half hour of jumping around, I finally got a bus and I was back in the business.  Oh I forgot to mention that over the way, it became foggy and I mean, really foggy! Due to that, my bus was hit by a truck. Nothing happened to me, if you are reading this that means I am still in one piece ;-) .

When I got at Delhi, it was about 4 hours early than my scheduled flight time. I thought , finally after all the mishap what happened over road, now I shall be able to go back and relax for some time. I did the same mistake again, assumed that it will be no-issue thingy now. Just when I got over the domestic airport and went to the entry gate , I was stopped by the security who told me that the mentioned flight code of mine will fly from international terminal. That was a , "What!" moment for me, really not pleasing to hear that as the other terminal is 6kms away from this one and I left my auto already and there are not very much options  for going from one terminal to another when we are considering public transports. I decided to confirm and went to airline counter, only to break my heart finally when the staff told me that my flight indeed will fly from international terminal. So there I was, looking for another cab/auto in just 5 minutes of leaving the last one. Luckily , I did get another one who took me to the other terminal. Check-in didn't start when I got over there so I had to wait for some time (about an hour). Finally I did check in, finished security( had  a chat with the security inspector too for about 5 minutes ) and went to the waiting lounge. I was expecting that now nothing would be wrong.  Well, to error is human, is that correct? I was supposed to fly by 6.30pm but there was not even any staff to start the process. Something is fishy, told my ever-doubtful mind to me once again and I checked at help desk who told me that due to heavy traffic and bad weather, flight is delayed for "indefinite period of time". Wow! Well,that waiting time did get stretch for 2.5 hours from the scheduled time. Well, it did fly at last and here I am in my guest house which is a good one. I have come here for the first time but its okay. I got internet in my room and that's all what I need to call a room at least, okay :-).

The only thing which didn't happen good over here was that there was no food ready. So I had to have one Cadburies 5-start chocolate and some roasted casunuts. Now both are over, so I shall be going to bed. Hope I shall be able to catch some sleep before I start the session tomorrow and it starts well.


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