Friday, January 16, 2009

And I Don't Have The Answer....

I just got back home. I was out today for most of the time. In the morning, after dropping my sis to work, I went to get a hair-cut and some face clean. I didn't want to have that face-clean stuff but my sis insisted that I must have one so there was no escape from it. So I was there, got the hair and face clean done. I got a call today from an old friend whose cyber cafe I used to visit almost daily as he used to have facility for making long distance calls. He just called to ask, in his own words that I am dead or alive? Well, needless to mention , I immediately went to see him. I was meeting him after exactly 3 years. He got married( I didn't even know about it) and was very angry with me that I was no where in his wedding. Well, truly, I never got any call otherwise I would had gone for sure in his wedding. He asked me a lot of stuff about some one and he got no answer from me.  I don't know but I just didn't have any clue even what to answer, what to reply? He talks a lot, so he was keep on asking me so much. He knows almost everything about me but since I couldn't meet him from so long, he missed alot and he was really really willing to know all the details. I used to stay in his home for almost whole night at times or would pick up my bike and would leave at around 1am (or even later) for my own home. In the mean time, when all of these q/a was happening, his wife came and I got formally introduced to her. She is very nice, very soft spoken. I really liked that she didn't get into any formalities or anything like that and was treating me like we know each other from so long. She kept on insisting me to eat the stuff that she made! Everything was fine, all of a sudden , a question came from her, "veer ji(brother in Punjabi), are you the same Aman who went abroad to meet someone"? Bummer! Once again, all the same things started, all those questions/answers were getting repeated. She was a little too much interested in knowing everything/anything and I had no other way to escape than to say that I had to get prints of my tickets so I got to go. After a promise that next time, I am going to tell everything in detail , I was allowed to leave.

Just now, when I came back and checked my mail, I saw that one of my friend is getting married on this 31st January. He has gone to US and is coming to India tomorrow night for wedding. He has sent me the scanned invitation card and an order that I must come! Its going to be a love-marriage. I know the complete details so I am really really happy for the couple. It was a painful time of 3 years that they have faced to get to this point and its remarkable that they stood together all the time with each other. I don't know that whether its a coincidence or not, but somehow, I got the same question from him as well, what about me? And again, I don't know the answer!


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