Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meaning Of My B'day....

Yup its coming. Well, let's see what will happen on that day? This is a quick post which came out because of my nature of "digging things without any real use" :-). I am on Facebook and today, I stumbled upon an application there which said, guess what, let's find the meaning of your birthday. WTH! Alright, so here is what is said about mine.  I have removed my birth details from it.

Lucky Color:                                 Jade

Personality Strengths:                 Strength, Style

Personality Weakness(es):          Arrogance

Successful Career Path:               Fashion

Sense of Humor Style:                 Obscure

Adjectives to Describe You:        Strong, industrious

A hip non-conformist who truly stands for his/her beliefs - you are out to make a difference in this world, and you have a realistic chance of success. You have always been self-driven and derive your inspiration from those close to you. Ambitious - and why shouldn't you be - the sky is the limit for you!

Now, I am not really sure that I can be very successful in fashion and I am also not sure that I do have a lot of "style" (whatever it may be). But yes, I am a firm, very firm believer of my principles. Its tough to shake me from them. You got to prove me wrong (not an easy task,I am telling you) otherwise, I am not listening. About making a difference in this world, well for that I can tell you this, before I die( I hope it does happen pretty soon), I am going to shake at least few stones/people for sure, that's for sure, that's bound to happen! And before I forget, I have really no idea what color is jade. If you know, please tell me.


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