Monday, October 20, 2008

What Else You Would Call It?

Those who are important to us, if they are lost, there is no pain in this world which can match this. And when we are talking about our own family, our parents, siblings, there is nothing, no one that can be compared to them. Imagine a child losing her parents when she is just a kid, never saw her parents again and was forced to work as a servant , facing the toughest and worst time of her life. But thanks to her endless prayers, God did listen to her and she got her father back after 24, yes 24 long years! What else we can say about it  except that if we want some thing truly, even God is forced to do miracles for it and has to give it to us.

I read this on my friend Amardeep's blog here and I must admit , it did bring tears in my eyes, especially reading this,

But memories of her father continued to haunt her — of how he had doted on her, carrying her on his shoulders to school on rainy days so she didn't dirty her feet.

Its just so true,Memories truly hurt, much more than a bullet does, much more than anything else in this world!

Read the complete story here. From the bottom of my heart, may god give his choicest blessings from now on and they won't ever face any sadness ever!


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