Sunday, October 05, 2008

Back & Upset....

Yes I got back today morning. It was a good program. Though I was much upset and tense about it but fortunately it went well ( I hope so). Guys were great. I guess I can't recall any other program of mine where people were so nice. All were smiling when they were leaving so I guess, everything went well. In this program I met one another person too, some one who has worked with Oracle technologies and Teradata database quite extensively. A very experienced consultant who has joined Education industry now. He was in my program for 3 days and we had great time. It was fun and learning both in his company. We shared our views about technology, about the current work environment, future plans( he shared more about this one as I don't know what I shall be doing actually). It was great to have a talk with him. I hope I said a word or two right in front of him when there were discussions about Oracle :-(. Its really tough to talk when you got a senior guy sitting in front of you.

Now why I got upset, you may be thinking. Well I don't know why people are so careless about those who really try their best to do everything right and make things go in the right direction? I had a program scheduled in the coming week(from tomorrow) but it got canceled. Well its festival time so I was happy that I would be coming back home and spend time with my family. I have got another 2 weeks program scheduled so I would be away for a long time so I thought it would be good. While my way back,I  got call from my manager. He said that I have to do another program in the canceled week and I have to travel on the day of Dussehra. Now this was really upsetting for me. I don't mind working in the canceled dates but its festival time so I told him that I won't be able to do it. People come back home in this time and it would be really bad to go out from home and travel. Well he didn't like it and started saying all sort of things, including that its my all time problem. I don't really recall when I have done anything like this that I have canceled any program which is scheduled for me. Heck I have done programs which are left by others or worse, flopped by others. But as far as I can recall, no one came forward to help when I needed it. At least I can't recall any moment like this. I was told that from next time, it would be noted when and where I had canceled any program and will be told to me. Its been quite some time that I am here and certainly I didn't expect to hear this. Needless to say , I was very upset. I don't know whether it will happen or not but if I shall become a manager some time, I do have a list of do's and don'ts which I shall follow.

Well I am back home and I guess I would be getting about 2 days than I shall be traveling. Lets see what happens. I am not in a good mood certainly so I guess it would be better if I go out and try some thing which can change it. But the issue, I am not able to decide to do what ;-).


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