Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back For A Day....

Yup I am back. Just got back an hour ago. I was supposed to come back yesterday only but thanks to the care takers at the venue, I had to spend one day extra. When I got at the venue on Monday, I was shocked to see that there was no setup done. Well not only I was shocked but the entire audience also was into the same state. It wasn't just shocked state for them but also a little upsetting one as well. I tried to make up things but some how, that didn't happen as the setup was not done at all and despite the best efforts of mine, it was not going to happen on that very day at all. I am mostly calm but I hate this thing when some one doesn't take things seriously and this was a classic case of the same thing. Those who should had taken care about the things in the first place, they were ready with all the excuses. Well I told them to finish everything up on that day, Monday itself and I got a promise also that it would indeed happen. I rely on promises just to see all the time being proved wrong in doing so.

When I came back on Tuesday, I was told that there are some machines which are reinstalled. When I checked the installation,it wasn't at all as per the document which we had sent. Once again, lots of excuses but no actual work. I had no other choice but to cancel the class on that day. Guys were really upset and I don't blame them at all as it wasn't their fault and being a customer, they had full rights to be upset and complaining about the whole situation. I would still say that they were so patient. Despite all this happening, they were still very cooperative and supportive. Hats off to them! As I canceled the class for that day, I sat myself and finished the installation. And I don't know why but I didn't receive any errors whatsoever in it too. So I instructed the local coordinator to clone my work over the rest of the boxes and inform me once its done so that I can instruct to verify everything. Well that got finished at about 11pm in the night. In any case, the best thing was that it did got over and as I promised to the guys that we would be going forward with the program, we actually did. What a relief!

Audience was great. Lots of intelligent people were there in the program as like always. Its always a great fun to discuss things with this kind of audience. They all were smiling on the last day so I hope that things went well. There was one guy in the program who had faced huge loss in share trading. That was really sad to hear. I guess, at the moment, trading is the most unsafe thing to do. Liquidity has become really very fast flowing liquid now a days.

I have to leave tomorrow for another program though I am not feeling well at all and moreover, not at all in the mood to go too. Not sure what is happening to me but I am not feeling too much good. Let's see what happens? I guess I need to take a break from all this for some time to get back into senses. Its really needed I believe. There are some other things too which are not letting me sit with a peace of mind. Not sure what I would do for them? Anyways, I am off to listen to some songs now. See you guys later. Cio!


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