Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heroes, A Moviee....

My sister and her friends wanted to go for a movie as they were having a holiday yesterday. So I was asked to come along. I don't watch movies much. You can imagine this that this was exactly one year since the last I went for any  movie. It was too with my sister and her friends. So it was indeed she who took me to it , not the other way round :-).

Gals wanted to see, Golmaal Returns but to their luck, the entire show was full and there was no ticket uptil night. I proposed to see, Roadside Romeo but I was made quite by saying, its a kid movie. Fashion was rejected without even discussion. So they finally zeroed down to Heroes. About the movie, well I don't know what to say? That "aha" feeling is not there. Okay, it was a nice, refreshing movie. It was having a different angel to look at patriotism. Young lads don't like to join arm forces as the life over there is very tough  and its not such a lucrative job. But than what's there which make people join army and become a martyr for the sake of their country? Two guys leave their home to search for this question's answer. They meet  families of those people who have lost either a son, husband, brother in war but were not sad over it. They were proud over it. A good thought, a little comedy which was clean, it was a good show overall. But(yes there is one), I really doubt that this movie can create any history. Okay it may be coming out as a profit making one but I don't think it can be called a blockbuster. All the actors did a good job. Music is pathetic. Background music is good. If I have to rate, its 2.9/5. You can see the wallpapers and other stuff about movie here,

Everything was fine except one thing. Lots of gals came with their mothers to watch it. No, I am talking about my sister's friends and their mothers. It was a sad feeling to see to all of them enjoying with their mums while my mother was at home.


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