Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Guy's Afternoon Out....

Okay so you are saying that you have heard some thing like that before too? Well good things are always copied by others and this is true in my case as well, some movie maker stole my idea too ;-). Okay so yes I went for a little outing today. Since the day I have come back and not in this week only but since past couple of weeks, I have not been out, I didn't go anywhere. Its just that I was going to my office, do my work, come in my hotel and next morning ,again the same thing. I don't know what's wrong with me but some how, I am not feeling so good from inside. Its not some thing related to physical aspect but its more to mental I believe. I don't know the reason of it at all though.

So today I decided to go. Yes it does sound like a very planned sort of thing, some thing really funny to think that to go for a cup of coffee , one is planning like this. But can't help I had to do it as I was not able to convince myself to go anywhere. And I had to buy some things for me too so I thought I shall do that too. So finally , I guess after a long time, I went to city not for any work,okay may be still I did some work but it was more to change my mood which is not so good from last few days.

I was planning to go in the morning but some how, I didn't. So I went in the afternoon( and hence the title). I had to check back for my degree so the first place was that. I went to the person who is responsible for it so that I could sit and ask him what's the progress of it. Unfortunately , he was having fever so I could just talk to him over the phone. Hopefully he would tell some thing about it in the next couple of days. Its a big tension over my head so as soon as its over, it will be good for me.

After that I went to newly opened institute for Oracle and Linux related training's. Why Oracle? Hehehe it was just for fun :-). Okay I really don't know Oracle so may be I shall learn a thing or two, that too was there in mind some where , how's that ;-) ? Well to my bad luck, the counselor who was supposed to tell me (and all who would come there in future as well) was not there. I really didn't want to sit and wait for her to come so I just left from there. They were asking for my cell( do I have one,nah) but I just said, I don't use it (I really don't want to truly) so just give me your number. So probably , if I won't be in a good , yes you read it correctly, if I won't be in a good mood , I would call them and ask about Oracle courses , let's see finally I get some one to teach me Oracle or not!

I am very fond of going and sitting in Cafe Coffee Day. I love the coffee tastes that they have and much more than that, I love to sit there. Good thing is that the manager of the two outlets over here is a good friend of mine as well. So I thought, I would go and see him and would sit for some time too in CCD. It was after a long time since I went there. It was great. My friend Deepak made me Toffee Coffee, a new flavor that they have started. It was great in taste as like always for any other coffee of CCD. Normally I would go and sit for few hours for sure but this time, I don't know why but I just sat for 15 minutes and I left from there. Deepak was saying constantly why you come alone all the time, get some one along with you? There were 5 gals sitting there in a group of 3 and 2. He was joking select someone out of these :-). Well , all I could say that he has to bear me alone only so he better make good coffee. I said bye to him and I left for my last destination, shopping mall!

Its been SO LONG since I have bought some thing for me. This time , I was pushed like anything by my mom and sis to get something for me in clothes. Hmm, its tough to win from Aquarians so I still haven't bought anything for me. But I did want to buy some thing for me. I couldn't find from anywhere my after shave lotion. I use of Gillette,yup the best the best can get :-). So I went to malls to get it. Well  I got it finally in the third one. The second thing which I wanted to buy was a wallet for me. I bought the last one or I should the current one which I am having about 4 years back when I was going to Malaysia for the first time. Its in a real bad shape now. I planned to get a new one when I was in Delhi last week, but I didn't buy one. May be I needed a little motivation to do so which was not there. Yeah I am like that only. So I thought I shall try to get one from my place. I did try in 3 malls and at one shop cum mall as well. In the malls whatever I saw , I didn't like it( or I was probably not going to buy one anyways I guess) and the one which I saw in the shop-cum-mall, I left it and still didn't buy it. Not sure why, may be the motivation again came in the way :-). That was the last attempt I guess and I shall not be going again to get one any time soon, alt east not just by myself.

Well so after all this. I head back towards home. It was good to go out for some time. I do go out almost every week in a way but that's not for me. Even though I didn't have much fun today but what ever time I spent, it was for me and me only. I guess I am happy, a little bit only though but yes I am.


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