Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome To My Home....

Well, anyone is welcome in my home. If you do know me really than you must be familiar with this fact that in my home, everyone is welcome. So indeed you are too. But at the moment, this welcome is to see my home's image as visible by satellite. So if ever you would like to come and meet me and would be looking for my home, you may use this as a reference :-). Here is the link to the image,


You can see a rectangle saying the same, "Here I am". It wasn't easy to locate though. I did try before when I saw the same over my friend's blog but I couldn't do locate mine. Even now, I was looking in another location not the one which is selected at the moment? Is this is correct? Well see its kinda far and I normally don't look at home from sky. I normally do it standing outside of it over the same level where it is located. So chances are that it may be a slight wrong but as per my best powers, I am sure its correct and the best bet is over that park which you can see as a big rectangle with a center spot. This was just done by our local society when they put a fountain in the middle of the park. Its not anywhere else around  as far as  I know and I am living here since my birth and I do lots of rounds around my place so I guess, I am fairly correct :-). And the second bet is the presence of trees in front of my home which you can clearly see as a big spot. Alrite, its correct , end of discussion :-). If you would find it wrong and you are looking for me, do give me a buzz or text me, I shall come for rescue :-).

Its not complete without mentioning that  I did spend some time doing this search and all. I couldn't do it in my first try and I am not sort of a person who gives up easily. It isn't of much use may be but it was surely a little fun. 


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