Monday, October 06, 2008

A Flop Show, The Mummy....

When some thing comes for the first time , a unique idea, a fresh thought, its always welcomed. Than when it is accepted, after some time, the original is again presented with more innovations, enhancements, its again accepted and praised. But when the same idea is "just" thrown again and again in a hope that no matter what you show, will be accepted as it is and will prove to be a hit, a serious mistake is committed and that's the thing which happens with the movies who prove to be a hit. Once known that idea has clicked, viewers are given the same stuff with different dressing.

Yes I am talking about The Mummy series and its latest offering, Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor starring Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li and of course, Brendan Fraser. When I saw rushes of this movie, I thought presence of Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li will be a good combo and movie would have some serious martial-arts moves. I was not really interested in the Mummy's story as in other previous parts too, this Mummy is not happy and is just running around to get some "mystical" superpower and wants to take over the world. I thought ( and I was right) that this would also be just the same. Well gladly, I was right about this and unfortunately I was quite wrong about Jet/ Michelle presenting a good show.

I believe when one is starting in his/her career, he would be really careful with what he/she does over the screen. But after some time, when the name, fame is already there in place, than that original content for which the person got popular is sidelined and money takes over. The same is happening with Jet Li too I believe. No doubt, he is a very fine martial-artist. But I guess he has seriously gone out of that track now. Like in this movie, instead of doing some good kick-arse action, he is running around to get immortality which he got partially. A very poor show of his powers is shown with some fire show and some ice show. And ironically, he is killed with a stupid knife in the end, great super power dragon emperor just got slayed with a tiny knife, WOW!

I don't know what to say about Michelle Yeoh either. I believe that she must accept that times have changed and she is not in her twenties now and it really doesn't suit her to do all those intimate scenes which are more suited for "really" young actresses. No doubts about her martial arts skills but I really believe she should do some more serious roles now. She has been a fine actress so far and its sad to see her doing this witch type of roles which she has done in this movie.

You must be thinking, I haven't spoken anything about the hero, Rick O'Connell right? What to say that its just amazing that despite that your son has become of the same height as you, you still look like his elder brother? He is still having a perfectly shaped macho body and still can do all the jumping's in and around mountains like a young lad! Its just great. It would be worth to tell everyone what this Rick guy eats that he is so young still. And its just amazing to see that with every movie, his wife is changing. And before I would forget, ironically, his wife indeed has become older! Amazing, just amazing! I guess Rob Cohen, the director is watching too many movies where things never change doesn't matter what?

I believe that its not entirely coming as a review of the movie which you might have expected. I guess I didn't mention before but I saw this movie last night. I was going to sleep and it just got started so I left my sleep and started watching it, a serious mistake if you ask. I am sure you must have got my feelings about it up til now. I really believe that this keep-giving-the-same-stuff should be stopped when it comes to sequels of the movies. If there is nothing new to show than please, for heaven's sake, don't make a movie just to make it. Let the original movie's memories stay in people's minds, not to ruin its image by showing a total crap show like this one.


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