Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Know What It Is....

You must be thinking that what the heck is wrong with this guy that he has started coming up with such kind of low sounding posts only? Well, the truth is that some thing is not right and I am unable to spot on that what's it?One reason is that there are just so many so many things that's why I can't mention just one out of them. Despite that all are making me feel the same, probably there is one thing which I know for sure, stands out among the rest and that is....No I won't mention it because some things are better when not said. Those who truly can understand, they would have got it up til now and those who couldn't , they probably won't get it even when words would give a try.

So what I am doing at midnight when I should be on the bed? Well I changed the post's title from where it is to what it is? Initially it was where only, just to mention that I am not sure where is the sleep? Probably, its too busy to come to me ;-). Never mind because I am listening,  Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely , a truly nice song if you do understand the feelings underneath its lyrics though.


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