Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Feeling So Alone....

Yes I am here and started my program. It has just started. Had a tiring day, guys are really good. Didn't eat anything in the whole day too. Don't know just not liking anything. While coming here, was thinking about so many things and about couple of people. It seems that have done so many wrong things. So many! Don't know this feeling is correct or not but yes, at this moment when I am writing this, this is there and its very strong. Another feeling of loneliness is there. I thought about some people to be there always with me. But I guess, my mistake is to expect from the people, have expectations from them and its some thing keeping which people are not good at. Don't know who is right and whom to call wrong? It seems, some where , some thing is broken and that broken corner is hurting much worse. I guess I need to learn a few things, things which I tried to avoided all the time. But it seems like people will make me actually learn all which I don't want to learn and surely not implement. Let's see what happens?


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