Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back, Tired , Upset....

I just got back two hours ago. Though I was supposed to get back some time in the midnight only but when you fly with bunch of incompetent people who don't really care what is the status of the plane, don't really bother to do the checking and maintenance "before" the flight's flying time than you are bound to get late  and that's the same happened with me as well. Am I sounding pist off? You can bet I am!

The best thing which did happen was that the program went well. Rather I should say, guys gave me a very good sign off. It was a collective good bye with some very good words. I don't really deserve all those good words which they said about me as I know so less and all of them were so much better than me but still, I am just so much thankful to them for their kind words. One guy even used the word "best" for me, really not suitable for me but still, from the bottom of my heart, thanks a bunch! They were all very nice and they were all happy so I guess, the program did went well. Phew, what a relief!

There was a small issue with the my return ticket as my travel desk called me and said that either I have to leave at 4pm or I would have to leave next day early in the morning. Well, I really don't like to travel in the day time so I told them that I would be leaving at 4. I thought that it would take me two hours so by midnight, I would be at home. But I forgot that I am going to fly with Indian Airlines. Though we did board on time but from 10 minutes of wait, it changed to 20 then 30 than an hour and then 1 and half hour. To save fuel I guess, they cut the air conditioner as well. Great! I was just thinking that we are not going to fly today as they were so much of people ( ground staff) who were hooked to one engine I believe. Finally a voice came , which was from captain that we are going to fly and she is sorry for the delay and inconvenience. Yeah magical word sorry, do what-the-heck-ever and just come and say sorry! Well finally we were airborne. Food was pathetic. To really make our flight memorable, oxygen chamber from where emergency oxygen supply comes in the case of some issue, got busted open right over our heads. When air hostess saw it, she was like, I am sorry sir but I can't fix it and I shall inform ground staff. Sure you would lady.

One good thing happen though. We were told that we would land by 19.20hours which indeed happened. We were on firm earth by the exact same time. Just when we were thinking that now our ordeal is over , we were told to remain seated because due to malfunctioning of electrical circuit, engine of the plane couldn't be stopped and door was not getting open. Ground electrical staff was called and after about 30 minutes since we landed, door was open and we got back to the terminal. A long , memorable flight experience finally got over! I got at bus stand to catch my bus to home. Thankfully , it was not intending to make my journey memorable so without any memorable moment happening, I finally got back. I wanted to sleep but since last few days I couldn't so I guess may be because of that, but I am feeling so much tired, really so much!

When I got back, I saw mom is in so much pain because she got injected and the stupid nurse who injected her, she didn't bother to do her job correctly. Mom is having so much pain and what she told me could have happened due to the carelessness of that nurse, listening to that , I am just burning at the moment. Don't know what would I say to her when I would see her in the hospital but it appears that she is going to see first hand what happens when I get upset! Not sure why people don't take their job seriously, not just job but I believe people don't take anything seriously. Be it job, relation ,whatever!  Anyways, before I sign off, I have ( finally) bought a wallet which I was willing to buy from so long. I guess the one I have bought is okay( I have paid a fortune for it) but I can't be sure as long as I won't start the migration project from old-to-new wallet and see its outcome. This would start some time today only so keep watching this space if you are interested to know the results of migration :-).


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