Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Tiring Day, Broken Phone, No Cab....

It was a tiring day. Since the morning only, I was feeling so much tired. I don't know what's the reason of it but I just wanted to sleep. One reason of that may be is that I am not sleeping properly ;-) . But still, that's not some thing which is new for me so I am not sure what is it which is making me feel like this. Well anyways, guys are great. I can't recall when in the past, for this module which at present I am handling, I have discussed this much of details! And moreover, I am finding guys into the program as well, asking their doubts. So it means ,at least for the moment things are okay(sigh).

My phone has been behaving oddly. All of a sudden, its microphone is not working. So it means that I am able to hear but they can't. Good! And good thing is that it happened all of a sudden, my hand phone didn't drop anywhere, no water, no humidity nothing. I guess like most of the people around me, its also not willing to stay with me anymore. I bought it when I had to go for the 2nd time to Malaysia. Since that time only its with me, 4 years now I believe or even more than that. Yeah yeah long time I know but I am not willing to change it due to some personal reasons. But I guess, that time is getting closer when I have to leave it or it may leave me itself which is a more common event for me to see. So at the moment , I am limited to see the call record, get to the nearest land line phone and make a call to the caller. Not a good thing to do if you ask me! But there is no other way out as well, I shall be able to give to the mechanic only when I am back. Let's see what comes out when it will go to the mechanic?

Normally, for me to come back to my guest house, there is  a cab which comes. Today my driver went to airport to drop some one. So me and one another guy were sitting and waiting for some another cab to come as we were told. The other guy actually is a very senior fellow, in his late fourties I believe. We had lots of talk today when we were sitting and waiting. It was on almost every topic, people, their relation , professional things, almost everything. He was saying the same thing which I believe is happening when we were talking about gals, families and other stuff like that. At the moment, gals are  more concerned about their career, their own goals, their own wills and to achieve what they want, they can leave anyone , do anything. It doesn't matter to them , in this race , whom they are leaving behind, what they are doing as they can only see what's their wishes are. That other was in agreement to that as he said that he is seeing the same thing happening in Banglore where he came from. He told me about Japan, how the govt over there is trying to make a push for the people to have their family ties more and more strong. He also told me one important thing, all the young kids, they learn and grasp so much in their initial 4 years of age. So one should be very careful when he/she is in front of kids of this age as what ever we would do, that would be picked up by kids very fast. I guess, that's really important to know despite the fact that one has his own kids or not. I guess, we started with my cab's wait. Well actually up til now , we were still waiting only when the call came from the guest house manager to tell that cab is not arranged and he has sent an auto for us. Now for me, its not big deal to go in auto. But the other guy being very senior in position and elder in age, it must have felt very awkward to him to ride in an auto. But there wasn't any other choice so we took it and got back. Not a very comfort ride, if you ask me but better than coming by walk too ;-).

So here I am writing this after midnight. Despite being tired , I am still not able to sleep. Don't know why?


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