Tuesday, October 28, 2008

System Error From My 6600....

You don't want to see especially on a festival day like today. In the morning , when I started my phone to send message to someone in Australia, my phone gave me a welcome message, "General: System Error". Searching for it over the net revealed that there is some error in the files of its Symbian operating system. Am I upset? You can bet that I really am. One, I would probably lose all the content I have in it ( and its a lot of it) , my phonebook details as well. Second, I have to get a new phone as I see some thing for twice afterwards, my trust is broken. My phone has already broken my trust , this was the second time and this time, its a serious offense on its part. So instead of me going and having some fun, I would need to rush to the service center and give it for repair. Hopefully it would get repaired. A not-so-nice way to start a day of Diwali!


Well I spent almost the entire day trying to sort out what can be done for my phone. I knew since morning that it has got a corrupted operating system and I tried almost everything which I could find to sort it out. I couldn't do it with any workarounds like starting in "safe mode" , by replacing the memory card and battery. So finally I took it to my friend who is having a service center for the mobiles. Well I was hoping that he would bring some trick from his sleeve and would make it work. But when he started doing all the same things which I did, I was sure that's not going in the way I wanted it to go i.e. with having all of my data rescued. So finally , after banging head for almost 2 hours, we did the same which I could do in the morning my self even, we formatted the phone. And that means, I lost all of my messages and phone book details. Luckily some of the things, like some pictures , sound files were in memory card so they escaped from being removed. So my phone is back to the factory settings and I am having no phone book. It will be painful to add all the numbers again but still, the phone is back to work. I guess, I shall get one another pretty soon as I have lost faith in it already.


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