Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saying bye to an old friend....

Today one of my oldest and closest friends have gone back to London.He came here to enjoy his break.I was so overwhelmed to see that the 1st person he visited in India was me.I was a little upset with him but he came,we talked,he said so many times "sorry sorry" to  me and apologized.There was nothing that I could do except to forgive him.Thats a fact,if the person who has done something wrong comes and admits his mistake and apologizes from heart,you have to forgive him and thats what I did too.We couldnt spent much time together but whatever time we spent,it was really so much good.He has gone back today.Hope he will do great in everything that he does.
I am listening,"Mere haath mein" from "Fanna" while writing this.If you havnt listened the songs even yet than try listening 1 or 2 now.I am sure you will definitely like them atleast if wont love.


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