Friday, May 05, 2006

Music Review!

This is one another blog of mine which is nowhere related(not even close to being one) to Oracle/Solaris.But I promised that this blog will have anything which will be interesting for me right?So :-p!If you dont know already,I am a die-hard music buff and after some time,I have heard some good,soulful,melodious music.So here it is…
One is from a new hindi movie named,’Fanaa’.I must say that its really my kind of music.Lyrics are superb and music is light,yet so much soothing and soulful.Well to be fare,I didnt like one song much but that is ok too.I shall give 2/5 to it.Overall 4/5(coz of that one song,it missed the record of 5/5) but I must recommend it to hear it once.
This one is from the singer Paula Deanda,”Am I doing too much”.Again very nice lyrics and similar sort of music to take it all over you.Not like “Nobody wants to be lonely” from Ricky Martin but still a nice song.


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