Friday, May 26, 2006

Congrats Raman & Shuchi....

In one of my last blogs,I talked about one of my friend who and his beloved.Both were very keen to get married.Everything was going fine but somehow things got a bit shaky.Well,after a little help from all of us,finally they got married on this Wednesday.My heartiest wishes to Both Raman and Shuchi.Reception is supposed to be in the next week.I shall post the pictures later.A great feeling is there that both stood for each other in such a severe and difficult time and didnt leave each other alone.I have seen most of the people leaving their loved ones alone and backing off in these kind of times (and sometimes way before when nothing has happened even),leaving their love to suffer alone.But I am glad that Raman and his girl didnt do this and set a great example.My best wishes and heartiest congrats to both of them and their families.


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