Friday, May 05, 2006

Few words!

Past 2 days and coming few days are not so much good.I am nowhere near even to write a piece of art or anything like that.What I have penned down  just now,which you will read next, are just some random thoughts.They may sound so much idiotic but as I said before I am no “Shakespear”,so if this makes you smile and say WTH ,it's fine.

I loved someone from the bottom of this heart,
But my love left me saying that we have to get apart!
I am standing alone today,thinking what went wrong,

What I failed to give,what I couldnt do to make her love for me that strong!
May be that's the way of life that you have to let go of someone whom you love the most,
May be that's the way of love that you cant be with just that one whom you want to be with the most!
I looked my world through her eyes,

Heard the sweetest sounds in my ears from her whispers,
She was everything for me always,

But  today, I am no-one for hers!
Today I am left all alone in this big world to cry,
There is so much pain in this heart, there is nothing left to try!

I hear some say that this pain will go someday so will these tears,
But my heart knows,this pain will go only when these eyes will close,

 Only that these tears will dry!


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