Thursday, May 11, 2006

Enter the new Dragon with Harry Potter....

       I had a chance to see "Enter the New dragon"  and Harry Potter-3.So this is what I felt about both the movies....
Enter the New Dragon
           In word,EXCELLENT!Tony Jaa has really done a very superb performance in it.This movie is about an ancient warrior technique of Thailand,Muai Thai.Tony Jaa is really one of the best and very few whom I have found proficient in it.Action scenes and fighting sequences are excellent and with the fact in mind that there are no duplicates uses and no artificial help like animation or wires used,this makes this movie a real Martial-Arts classic and a worth watch.
Harry Potter-3
            Well,I dnt have words for it.No no,please dont take me wrong.I dnt have any "good" words for it.I must say that I am really very much disappointed from it.Its not anywhere close even the previous two movies of Harry Potter.There was no plot,there was nothing which can be related to a thing we need in a movie,yes you are right,Story,there was nothing about it.It was a little funny to see Harry Potter running after every single gal in the school,proposing for dance and getting NO in return from almost all.Well I can go on and on and on but I shall sum it up as like that it wasnt something I expected from a Harry Potter movie.One word?"CRAP"!


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