Friday, May 05, 2006

A good news!

Yes I have a good news.One of my very good friend who will be un-named is going to get married very soon.It will be a love marriage.Things had been rough for a while but when everyone saw that the couple is so much desperate and committed,they gave their approval.My heartiest wishes to both of them.
Thinking about it,one anothing thing came to my mind.What is in us humans that makes us so much special?So much unique and different that being born as a human being is termed(and indeed it is) as a invaluable gift!Is it our faces,beuaty,intelligence?Well to a great extent,that’s true.But if we just see a little deeper in it,IMO there is one quality in us which makes us so special and that is this invisible force which ties the people together.Yes you got it right,I am talking about Love and Relations.Something so simple,yet most powerful that it can make/break one’s life.I have seen so many relations happening and breaking till this age of mine.One thing that I am yet to understand is that many times,after spending so much long time with someone,people leave them saying/giving their inability to continue.Yes there cant be any force to make someone stay but dont they think that they are hurting someone so much?A relation is a committment.When one cant give smiles to anyone,does it gives them the right to give pain instead?I dnt think so.But its a sad fact that this happens that people leave someone behind crying and for dying.Yes its not the story of each and everyone but those who do must think before doing anything like this that its you who has decided to leave the other person so you seem not to be bothered how he/she is feeling.Put your feet in his/her shoe and try to imagine for one moment,how it will feel if you have to go through the same phase.
I read a very confusing yet a very realistic quote somewhere.I am yet to find the answer of it.If you know,do share with me too.Here it goes,”Life is the name of looking someone with love in your eyes or it is the name of looking love in someone’s eyes for you?”.I guess it will take this life to find the answer of it.


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