Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blue baby and Shocking make-over!

Blue Baby is back again....
If you are a regular reader or a visitor over here than you must have seen some of the changes in the profile settings of mine.
                         So you didnt notice?[Heart cracking sound!]
Well,my profile picture has been changed for couple of times now and if I remember correctly,this is the 3rd and I hope last time,its changed again.Earlier it was something else but the Blue Baby is back again with his smile and shine in his eyes.Its going to be here now and everywhere else where I move around on this virtual world of Internet.
Shocking Make-Over!!!
Those of you who have seen me from some good old time,for them its going to be a big suprise,shock.I have done some make-over recently on the suggestion of my younger sister who is a trained beautician and skin specilalist.I can just say that I am really impressed,let's see what you say.Have a look:



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