Saturday, May 06, 2006

Once again....

Those of you who know me from some time,they must be thinking that I have somehow left my routine of studying Oracle and have chosen to become an artist.No thats not the case.I am nowhere even close to be one and I really doubt if I shall ever be just 1% of that too.I tried to take the risk of writing this again just because these lines were constantly coming in my mind.I just pen them over here.Your comments are always welcome.So here it goes....
Together we were,I remember today those times again!
But I cant smile and there is just so much of pain!
I just wished for some memories with smiles!
All I got are tears with endless cries!
I waited for hours believing you will come!
But you never cared even just to turn!
I gave up all just for your sake!
Is there anything that you forgot to take?
I loved you as I loved no one ever before,
But you took my love and made it a whore!
Words you spoke have tore me apart!
I had only one but you broke that very heart!
I still forgive you coz thats the last I could do!
But signs wont ever fade of the wounds given by you!
Loving someone else is just not my case!
So now I hide my broken heart beneath this smiling face!


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