Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sis beat them all!

My younger sister is a trained beautician and skin and make-up expert!Her company organized a "Best Employee and Technician" award ceremony this Monday.  It was organized to honor the best person and technician in the company whose efforts and dedication outstand the rest all.Sis is with this company from just few years.  Despite her being still a junior,she managed to beat all the others and grabbed this award for her constant excellent record.  With this she has proved that there is nothing like a senior or a junior in an organization.  What matters the most and is required for one to outshine and get noticed is hard-work,dedication and a deep interest in that job which you are doing.  Needless to mention that I am really glad and proud on her!I just hope  and wish that she manages to get this award each and every year,proving that she is the "Best among the BESTS"!Congrats sis!


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