Friday, May 12, 2006

KungFu Hustle....

I saw Kung Fu Hustle today.This movie is starring Stephen Chow in the lead role as well as the director and producer of the movie with Lam Tze Chung, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Chan Kwok Kwan. KungFu Hustle is one of those Martial Arts movies which tell you about that ancient and hidden kung Fu techniques which you have neither heard nor ever seen before.
No doubt,the movie is filled with very  ferocious action scenes with fighters flying around and punches making holes in the floors and walls but the fight choregraphy and the wire action sequences are done brilliantly by Yuen Wo Ping and Sammo Hung. The movie has a nice but small romantic touch of the hero Stephen with a mute gal which is his childhood friend but was lost. The main villain is the  Beast (Leung Siu Lung) which  kills peopple just to find out if they are better than him or not?Very strong and very cruel!
Background music score is nice and sweet.Movie doesnt bore you like some action movies do.There is an artistic touch in everything of the movie,fight,action,characters!
I must recommend this movie for all age groups as everyone can sit and watch this movie and enjoy.One word?Excellent!


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