Sunday, May 14, 2006


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.Its certainly true.I am not having a very good "photogenic" face and neither do I like to have too many snaps of mine.The biggest problem with me is that I forgot where did I store once I either scan them or get them from my mobile.If you are like me than you can definitely understand how much difficult it can be when you have to locate a picture of yours but you cant seem to find it anywhere.
So let me introduce to you Picasa, I must say that Google has really done a very good job with it.This tool scans your whole machine and finds out all the pictures of all the extensions.After finding them,it arranges all those pictures in their respective folders whose names are based on the creation date of the pictures.
In addition of scanning and arranging your pictures for you,Picasa does a whole lot more stuff.You can give numerous effects to your snaps,blog them directly on your BlogSpot blog,make a slideshow of all the pictures and a whole lot more stuff which is just a click away from your imagination.
I completely forgot about this snap of mine which I just found with the help of Picasa.Though I do not look like the same as I am in it but still it was nice to bring back some good memories with this one.Have a look....

This is me and one of my best Instructors,collegue,Akshay Sharma posing on the top of our office:

Akshay and myself!

I am going to post my new images  very soon.Wait and watch for them cause a BIG surprise is coming!!


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