Sunday, April 06, 2014

An Initiative-AIOUG North India Chapter….

At times, just a little idea and support can do just wonders for a very large community. And that’s the same happened this year when I was talking to Murali Vallath about the user-groups and participation of Oracle professionals in India in Oracle related events organized in India by All India Oracle Users Group(AIOUG) (formed and managed by Murali only). As India is such a large country, it’s not possible for everyone to come from they are residing or working for attending some Oracle conferences happening at a city very far from them. So Murali mentioned that how he started organizing a local user event at Charlotte with just very few people showing up for it initially. But with constant efforts, finally he was able to make the event a success and continued arranging it on Charlotte on monthly basis. And on the same thought, he suggested to start of a chapter representing North India and initiating an Oracle related event for it on monthly basis. That was just a superb idea and needless to say, I immediately started to work upon it and I called my friend Navneet to talk about the same.

Me and Navneet had few initial talks about the event, number of talks etc. Since he is based out of Chandigarh and it’s being the twin-capital for two states, Punjab and Haryana and even being very near by from Delhi, we decided to host the 1st ever meet-up at there. We decided for two talks, both given by us thinking that this should get the ball rolling. Navneet found a venue and also spread the news in his circle about the event. We decided to host the meet-up on monthly basis, on every last Saturday of the month from 10am onwards. The day is picked thinking that it’s going to be a weekend so it would be easy for most to attend the meet-up. So finally, we were all set for the event and eventually, the day of the event also did come up. Fortunately, we had a very good number of the attendees, even when it was just the 1st ever meet-up of it’s own kind at Chandigarh. We planned for about 3 hours for the talks but we ended up doing it for about 5 hours, thanks to the enthusiasm of the attendees. And not only this but we got really very positive feedback from the attendees and they were very excited already for  the next month’s meet-up-which would be now this month, April! Great isn’t it!

This month’s meet-up is scheduled for 26th April. For making sure that we have one stop-location for the latest updates, we have made(without any surprise), a Facebook page AIOUG-North-India-Chapter and you are most welcome to like it :=) .  We are also on Twitter. We shall be using these social sites for announcing updates related to the event and also about anything that’s worth sharing with the Oracle community.

Before I sum up this post, my heartiest thanks to Murali for giving his complete support and guidance for this initiative. Not only for this, he also helped so much to include Jallandhar this year as one of the venues for OTNYathra and even better, let that Yathra(journey) started from Jallandhar itself. Also, a big thanks to Navneet, Deepak, Gaurav for helping so much for the meet-up. Without their support, the meet-up wouldn’t had got such a great start.

Monday, February 03, 2014

A Beautifully Written Song, Saaiyaan (Gunday)….

It’s been a while that I have posted any song and it’s translation. Though I had mentioned that I shall be doing so, but still being struck up in tons of distractions, it hasn’t happened by now. But today, I thought, let me start doing it again as I have been listening to a song since two days non-stop. Surprisingly it’s a Hindi song(though it has few words of Punjabi) and even more surprisingly, it’s a song from a movie. Yeah, I know, not really a common thing for me but still, a good song is a good song. I can’t say that this has got the best of the poetry woven in its lyrics but still, its a very meaningful song and few words, makes you sit back and want to applaud the writer for his choice of words.

The movie’s name is Gunday and song is titled as Saaiyaan. The word Saaiyaan may have different meanings depending on the context where it is used. When one is mentioning about god, it refers to god. And when it is used by a lover, like it is done in the song, it points to his/her beloved. The official video of the song is not having the complete song. I am posting two videos below where one is the official video and another video, which is actually just having a poster of the movie, containing the complete song.

And this following video contains the complete song,

Following are the lyrics of the complete song, firstly in Hindi

Kal Meera tadpi kanhan ko,
Sab laaj samaaj gawayi re!
Ab prem mein tadpan tarsan ki,
Hai baari kanhan ki aayi re!

Mori jaan gayi, tohra khel hua!

Mujh se main rootha, mujh mein main toota!
Mujh ko maine ishq wafa mein khud hi loota!
Lut lut ke, jeena hai marna baanke yaar bina!

Saaiyaan, hun main ki karan saaiyaan!
Jee laan ya maraan saaiyaan, rabb mujh se khafa saaiyaan!

Mujh se main rootha, mujh mein main toota!(repeat)

Sapno ke sheeshe toote, dukh ki daraar se!
Chah k bhi nikle naa mann majhdhar se!
Koi bhi na bole aur koi bhi bulaye na!
Fir bhi aawaajein sune baadlon k paar se!
Russ russ k, mann se man jaana khud hi yaar bina!
Saaiyaan, hun main ki karan saaiyaan!
Jeeyan ya maraan saaiyaan, rabb mujh se khafa saaiyaan!


And the translation in English of the same is as following,

In the past, Meera yearned for Kanhaan,
She lost all of her respect!
Now, to year and ache for love,
Is the turn of Kanhaan!

I lost my life but for you it was just a game!

I became sullen from myself, I shattered from within!
I pillaged me from love by myself!
Living ransacked without beloved is just like living dead!

My love, what I am supposed to do now!
Should I live or should I die!
Seems like almighty is angry with me!

I became sullen....(repeat)
My love, what I am supposed to do now....(repeat)

Dreams, like glass, got shattered from the crevice of grief!
Despite wishing so much, mind doesn't come out of dubiety!
No one speaks and no one calls!
Yet, I can whispers coming behind from far away clouds!
Despite being sullen,I yield by myself in the absence of my beloved!

My love, what I am supposed to do now!
Should I live or should I die!
Seems like almighty is angry with me!

My love....(repeat)

Yes, it’s again love which is mentioned in the song and which is probably killing the guy (portrayed in the video). Not sure why most of the people don’t realize, love is not a four character world but it signifies a life-long bond. It is not a liability but a commitment which when one makes to someone, gives him/her the right to either make that person’s life filled with just the joys or destroy the every possibility for him/her to ever feel truly happy in his/her entire life. As it is said, when you are in love, you give someone just all the means to destroy you , trusting that he/she won’t ever do that! True, isn’t it?

Enjoy the song and if there are any corrections possible in the translation, feel free to mention it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Better Late Than Never, Happy 2014….

So I am probably very late in saying this but better later than never, right? And since it is still January of 2014, I believe it is okay to wish everyone a very happy 2014 still :=) .

A very happy and prosperous 2014 to you, the reader! May god makes this year a really good one for you and fill it with just joys, happiness, success and good health for you and for all of yours nears and dears. I hope the year has started of well for you. If for some reason, you think it didn’t, don’t worry, it’s just the starting of the year and I am sure, as the time would move on, things are going to get better!

Oh and before you are going to ask why I got so late, I am doing many things(writing this post sitting at Yangon(Myanmar) when the delegates are doing their hands-on lab) and despite that I wanted to write about many things, I just either forgot or thought to do so later. Hopefully, I shall be more active over my blog this year-at least that’s what is the plan!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Poetry Revealing Life’s Truth….

Today, one of my friend, when asked by someone that how is he, replied using a short poetry. When I read that poetry, it just appeared how beautifully, truth about life of an ordinary person is depicted via it! Have a read,

Havayein sehme hue charaghon se keh gayin thin ke,
Aane waali rutton ke aaghaaz tak!
Tumhare naseeb mein roshni ka koi safar nahin hai!

And its translation in English, in best of my understanding, is given below

Winds told to the nervous lamps while leaving,
That till the commencement of the subsequent seasons,
You have no luck of seeing any lights!

So true, isn’t it!!

Monday, December 09, 2013



Sunday, December 08, 2013

Blogging & Travelogue....

I have got a lot of emails and few have asked otherwise too that why there are no frequent updates coming up on my blog? Have I become lazy or blogging just doesn’t interest me anymore? Well, the answer for both the questions is a big no. Neither I have become lazy nor I have lost interest in blogging. The only reason for the less updates is that there is just too that I try to handle and manage, now after my dad has gone to God. And when I have a little time, something happens that just makes me occupied completely. I shall be getting back to my blogging regime and hopefully, this post should be the ice-breaker.
I am sitting at the Chhatrpati Shivaji International airport, Mumbai and am en-route to Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International airport. I had started from Chandigarh in the morning and the travel from my home to Chandigarh was pretty much uneventful. Everything was fine, I took the bus and then the auto and finally reached the airport. The flight was also not so bad. There was a co-passenger sitting besides me , also a Punjabi guy like me and we had a blast. Probably, there was nothing that we didn’t talk about. A good fun it was. Interactions like these just makes me feel so happy and makes my belief in the spirit strengthens from time to time. And guess what, that guy’s name was also Aman :=) .
Now, I have a two hours of wait for me to be done before I shall start my travel again to  Hyderabad. I am not sure what’s the reason but since last 4 days, both of my knee joints are in just so much of the pain. Those who know me well, are aware that I don’t mention being in pain easily and when I do, it means that I can’t bear the pain anymore. That’s the same  condition of mine right now, I am just not able to bear the pain. It’s this much bad that I am not able to even walk properly. I shall see if I can get some time and see some doc at Hyderabad.
It’s going to be a tough week coming ahead in front of me and this unbearable is going to add more troubles for me. Life is just so hard at times, truly!
Off to get a cup of coffee.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Speaking @ Sangam 2013….

ImSpeakingIt’s that time of the year when the “meeting of  minds” is going to happen, yet again. The location is at Hyderabad and the venue is Sangam(meeting of the minds) , annual Oracle conference arranged by All India Oracle Users Group. Just as like the previous conferences, this one is also a star-studded one with just so many world renowned Oracle experts coming from all over the world-Arup Nanda, Syed Jaffar Hussain, Gaja Krishna Vaidhyanatha, Murali Vallath and many many more! So IMO, this is not a conference that you want to miss!

And guess what, yours truly is presenting there as well. Yep, my abstract about What’s new in RMAN of 12c got accepted so if you are interested to know about RMAN of 12c, do come on 8th November!

So since it’s 11 days and counting before the event to start, if you haven’t done already, do register and hope to see you there!