Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I guess, it will keep on continuing for some more time that I shall remain upset and annoyed over  people for many reasons! In the continuation of the same,  I just got a news about a task that has been assigned to me at the last moment! I can’t put any details of it here but still, there are couple of things which I shall say for sure. First thing, I am not upset that I am assigned for this at the last moment. Its okay. At times, there are certain things which come all of a sudden and that’s perfectly fine! But what I am upset about is that why it is always that when in need, its Aman indeed ? If there is someone that needs to understand about any damn thing, its got to be Aman! WHY! But when it comes about Aman, when he says something, its commitment , reasons , helplessness  and all the other damn words of the same type which come flying from all over! Why not people step ahead and see how tough it is to meet commitments, how really tough it is to make a promise and fulfill it! Its so damn easy to show your “helplessness” but to do even a bloody tiny thing, like stepping out of home itself takes a lot of effort! But no one bothers about it when it comes to Aman since he is a fool and he would surely “understand”, be it when there is a promise that he has made and when someone else can’t lift a finger even to do something, than too! Yeah right! On top of all,  there is one other word which is used so easily and that’s “sorry” ! Yes right, so convenient isn’t it to say use it where nothing else works right!  Sigh! I am not sure what to say since I am just so upset and my mind is completely blocked! I am thinking about many incidents at the moment and the more I am thinking, the more I am getting upset but I know, even I shall be upset to my peak,  this world won’t change and won’t even bother so the best would be keep quite( for the moment) and face whatever is thrown at you by whoever!


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