Sunday, April 25, 2010

Restless & Boring Sunday….

It was a completely boring day for me. Though one good thing did happen that I was not having any session so I was just in my room but other than that, it was a completely boring day! I did catch some sleep but since there are tons of things going on in my mind, rather than being relaxed, I am much more restless! Given the fact what my nature is, I am going to stay like the same for some more days( or weeks may be , not sure)! There are some really important professional changes that I am looking for but thanks to the selfish nature of the people of this world, its becoming too tough for me to obtain those changes. I am working over some thing really important and I am really really looking forward to see it getting accomplished but I don’t know what and how it would be done since there are many people who are putting many obstacles! If this won’t work, this would come out as one of the biggest setbacks and upsetting thing for me and I really really wish that this won’t happen! I shall try my best but don’t know what would happen so just can say that fingers are crossed!

To kill my boringness, I did watch movies over the cable movie channel, Star Movies. There were some pretty good movies that did come today(fortunately) relieving me for my boredom somewhat! The very first movie, which I did see many many times before as well too, was Kung Fu Panda! What a movie it is! Since I myself am a martial artist and a BIG time cartoon fan, I just love the animation/cartoon flicks and this movie has a fantastic storyline with so good comedy from Po, that it makes this movie a must watch whenever and wherever its coming! Its just so amazing to see Po the panda doing the kicks and actions of kung-fu without ever leaving his comical nature! I have seen this movie so many times but every time, its a must watch for me! Today, after watching it again, I have just made up mind to get a dvd of it and carry with me wherever I go!

The second movie which I saw today for the first time was Taken! starring Liam Neeson. I didn’t see this movie before ever and this was the first time it came over the television here in India as well but I must say, it was a treat to watch it! I don’t care what critics have( or had) said about it but I liked this movie. Though there is not much of the acting involved in the movie since most of the movie is about the kick-arse action done by Liam or Brian Mills( his movie character name)! But still, despite all the (very) fast action sequences, drugs, some sort of explicit content, there was acting too and whatever its extent was, it was perfect for the movie’s plot! One really can’t sit and throw too many dialogues when all he has is 96hours to save his daughter and the clock is continuously ticking! So in that aspect, the acting content was perfect in the movie. I was just hooked to the movie and I must confess, all the time heart was beating so fast in the curiosity that what would happen now, whether a father would be able to find his daughter or not? And if that feeling does comes up, I believe its a sign of a good movie!

Now, there is a cricket match coming up and I am just least interested in cricket, be it of whatever format! Yes, I shall see the results after some time if I shall be still awake but that’s all about cricket from my side. I have another session(tough one) starting from tomorrow and I have to make some really tough things sorted out related to my professional career. Hope things go fine and would get sorted out smoothly. There is no good movie coming up right now so I shall just grab a cup of tea( have to order it first) and than will sleep or if won’t be able to sleep, would just let myself be lost in the jungle of thoughts! Do stop to say hi if you too are there in that jungle! 


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