Thursday, April 08, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough….

The tough gets going, right? Well, to some extent, okay to most of the extent, its correct! But what is not mentioned is that even for the tough person, its not an easy thing to do and when its just tough going all the time, there can be chances that even the tough person may lose his will and charm to keep on going! That’s what is exactly is happening with me at the moment in my current program! As I mentioned in my last post that I am assigned a session which was not assigned to me originally. Well, the reason for assigning that task was genuine and its okay as well for me to take it up. But what the issue is that its a real painful time for me, thanks to those tons of issues that I am facing here! Because of all those issues and despite of all the efforts that I am putting to keep things in control, I am losing the will, patience, strength somewhat for this program! A bad sign and something which I never like to see happening but what to do, am a human too and may be not so easily, I can feel a little pain too, can’t I?

I took over this session yesterday, on the 3rd day , from its actual start which was on this Monday! When I landed here, night before my session, I was told that the logistics facilities are truly pathetic and the session is already lagging behind by one day! Okay, not a good thing to hear if you ask me just before you have to take over a session from in between! Anyways, I heard all about the issues and next day, came for the session and it became evident to me in just few minutes that things are not good at all here! There were so many power supply interruptions , internet was not working or even if it was working, there was a very less bandwidth that was coming! Since I am the public-facing poor soul here so all the heat is coming over me! Okay, now that’s something which I never can bear. If its not my fault, I won’t listen too anything about that fault as well! It does not happen often that I get upset but when I am , I am really bad! So I just asked for the facility manager. He was not in his cabin so some gal told me that she would ask him to contact me asap! Well,make it soon I said and I came into my room! I had a real “hot” argument with him when we met and I told him that its a totally unprofessional behavior! He apologized many times and promised me that all the things would be in place in few minutes only! Well, he did try his best and in another 10 minutes, most of the stuff came online and he also came to my room and apologized to all the delegates! Surely enough, no one wanted that “sorry”( isn’t the same I said in my last post? ) but they wanted the things to be working which means, serious action was required to be taken! Well, all he could say was just “sorry” and “yes, we shall try our best” , that’s all! Still, things did work yesterday somewhat and we closed the day very late with a promise that all would be functional the next day! How easily people make promises isn’t? They don’t even think that that time would come eventually when they have to show that they have kept their words, but no, this world doesn’t have many of those kind and the consequences are thrown over the face of those who do keep their words and expect the same in return!

Today, when I came to the office, I came to know that there is some issue with the power generator and its getting replaced! Well, I just said , let them do whatever they want before 9am but after 9am, I shall be after their lives! I didn’t have to do that anyhow since by 9am, they brought the power back and we were back in the business! Things were starting to look okay but just then only, there was a disconnectivity in the internet. I informed the local staff and they rectified it. So far so good! But then it happened again and after lunch, yet again! I have no idea that why some people are so irresponsible that they can’t see that others don’t have a life time free for doing some things! We all work in a very tight schedule and time is money! But no, all this seems like jargons to many I believe! Now the delegates are really pist off and they are asking that why not we cancel everything and re-schedule it! Not an easy option in anyways if you ask me! I was planning that I shall be able to go home for some time after the last session but than I got this one on my head and now, in this too, there are tons of issues and I am sure that they would hold me back here for some more time here! I am tough but even for me, going is becoming really tough this time! Not sure what would happen now. I just hope that there won’t be any extension done to the program and it may get finished on time, which means tomorrow only! God, are you listening!


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