Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Long, Shocking, Busy, Tiring Day….

I have just come back with the last shopping of the day and that was my plane ticket for Monday. Yes, my short holiday is over and I am going to hit the road on Monday again and will be handling one of the toughest (and this time, its newest version) modules related to Oracle database. I can’t even say that it was a holiday since I spent almost the entire time doing one thing or the other and ironically (or surprising to many) , very less time was spent on Oracle db(there was indeed but a lot less) . Our home is undergoing a major repair work at the moment and because of it, there are just so many many things happening at the same time! You can imagine the chaos when from one room, painter is calling you telling that pain is going to finish soon and from another room, carpenter is telling that he needs bolts and tells you the specs related to those bolts which are as tougher to remember as a complex algorithm working in Oracle kernel :-) . Its been MANY years since we did any kind of repair or renovation to our home! And I can’t mention the reasons for doing so since its too personal and besides me and my family, there are just a handful of people who know the details of it! And as long as I am here, those details won’t come out and the number of those handful people is highly unlikely to increase as well! In short, I can’t mention that why this happened but I can surely say, being a part of it is one of the best feelings for me! I am sure I am sounding so much excited and without a shadow of doubt, I am indeed to see my home being repaired. Its not at a very large extent but whatever it is, it means so much for me and for my family and those who know the “actual reasons” , only they would truly understand the meaning of this “why”!

The day started with a (shocking) surprise. We have a very old sofa set which my mom, dad bought some 30 years back. The wood used in it is very good and that’s the reason they didn’t want to throw it away even after all these years besides the biggest reason that it was the first ever sofa set that they bought! The sofa was completely shattered so it needed a complete repair and when I was traveling last week, my dad already gave it for the same. When I came back this week, I was told that its going to come after being repaired in this week itself. It was supposed to be coming up yesterday but it didn’t. We did call the carpenter who told us that its done and would be delivered this morning. Needless to say, I just couldn’t wait to see the repaired set. The carpenter gave a ring and told that he is coming with the sofa and the excitement went sky high! But when I saw that carpenter, I was more shocked and surprised than excited. I never thought that I would see him standing in my home. And the reason for this feeling is that I knew him already. How? Well, few years back, I planned to make a very very special birthday present for someone and when it came to be being special, I wanted to make it “really” special! So I thought why not to “create” something than to just go and “buy” it? So I decided to make a photo frame of wood which wouldn’t be containing a photo of anyone actually but a hand written note, filled with roses and tons of other stuff! And when I thought about this gift, I thought why not to give it a “personal touch” and than I decided that I shall make it on my own! Now, that was more easier to be said than to be done actually since I had no knowledge about carpentry whatsoever! So what you do when you want something to be made from yourself but don’t a darn thing how to start with? Well, if you are like me, you would go to someone who knows about that stuff and asks him/her to teach/guide and help you in doing/making that thing and that’s the same I did! I am sure, there is no need for guesses now that I went to the same carpenter whom I saw in my home today morning! Yes, he lives very near by and is owning a complete business of carpentry. So here was me, who wanted to make a special photo frame of wood, had no idea even how to start with it too but still I was completely determined and had decided that I only would make it! So I went to this carpenter and requested him to teach me how to do all that stuff? He did ask me that why on earth I want to ( need to) to do it all by myself when he or some his worker can do it in a very less time? But looking at my determination( good word chosen, should have said stubbornness), he finally agreed. I spent almost a month learning about polish, blade, shiner etc etc and finally made it! I can’t say that it was a master piece made by an absolute genius but I put a lot of hard work doing that, got countless cuts on my fingers while making it so yes, it was not just a photo frame for me! I didn’t expect it to be a master-piece but I was just happy to finally see it and hold it in my hands! And I must say, this carpenter also was very happy for me! He told me that it was for the first time that he saw someone like me :-) ! Anyways, I did send it too. And after this one, I did send couple of times some other stuff as well( was handpicked all the time) but than I was told something which did hurt so much. And after some time, again did hear something which just crushed that same heart into millions of pieces and when it did happen, I was in a very bad position. There were tons of things that did happen to me at that time actually but about them, some other time! Since this carpenter became a friend of mine in that time which I spent with him, he always used to ask me about how the things are and all that! So I stopped visiting him completely. Its years since I last went towards his home or office. I just didn’t want to come in front of him! But today, to my sheer surprise, I came to know today morning only that the carpenter whom my dad hired to repair the sofa and the guy who helped in making that photo frame were just one guy and now that guy was standing ight next to me! It took me an instant only to remember him but he didn’t say anything except giving a  stare at me! He just delivered the sofa, took his charges and left. There was no other conversation that happened between both of us but still,  I am sure, he is really pist off over me and I won’t call him wrong in being so as well! I shall go to him some time for sure but for today, this was a very shocking surprise for me!

There were no more surprises offered to me by anyone in the rest of the day but it was very tiring and sweaty! I drove my scooter for almost the entire day. There were many many things that I had to get, some were for home and some were for me! The list for the home was a long one including mattresses, cushions as well. Yesterday only, we got the curtain work done in the entire home. I chose all the designs and all the designs were looking so good too when they finally arrived :-) . I chose for the first time some real expensive ones ( and indeed good too) whose costing did touch the skies so had to leave them and choose another design. Fortunately, that went well in both the costing and in the liking as well. I am good right :-) .

Almost the entire stuff from my shaving and shower kit was over so I wanted to get that as well. So I got all that too. I wanted to get some knickers for  me since its being very hot and to go out (if on a weekend while traveling) , its too difficult to wear a full trouser or even pajamas as well! So I thought, let’s buy some knickers and finally bought it from Octave. Bought just two of them and will see how much I would like/dislike them. Also I went to CCD and spent some time there doing thinking, watching the people and also sipped two new tastes!

Finally, the last bit was to collect my plane ticket for Monday. After getting it done, I just drove back to home!


Its too late I guess here at my time. So I shall take your leave and would go to sleep mode now :) . Nites! 


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