Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have just got back from the session. Yes, I was working today as well and since last one week, I am working really hard since the session was very tough! I am just so happy that it got finished today and for one and half day, I shall be having some rest and sleep. I am not sure yet that what’s the rating but it has not come yet. Though I am very eagerly waiting for it to come but all the delegates were quite happy and left with a smile on their face. Few gave some very kind comments as well and since all the delegates were so senior, hearing such nice words from them mean so much to me! Other than that they gave me very kind comments and appreciation, all were really nice, friendly and co-operative! Thanks so much guys for everything! Hope to see you all soon!

I am going to be having another session starting from this Monday here only. So I won’t be flying tonight. Since the session was so tough, I had to study every night for quite some time , reason of which I am feeling so sleepy,tired and my head is spinning like anything! I shall just sleep now for some time. I want to go and get a shirt for me but I guess, I would defer it for some time! There are tons of things going on at that moment , both in mind as well as in the professional side. Hope all the things get settled soon. I need to learn to say “no” and I guess the time is coming near that I start doing it! Anyways, I shall be pouring some more rants after a while. At the moment, my bed is calling me!


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