Friday, April 09, 2010

And I Did It….

I have just managed to finish my session which went into tons of issues since its starting itself! Even the session was going behind the schedule by one day and when I took over, it was already two days passed from a five day total schedule! You can imagine how tough it would be to manage in such a environment where nothing was working and we were already going behind the schedule! I guess, this time, even I wasn’t sure that whether I shall be able to pull the module on time or not since the module is very heavy with tons of content in it! But somehow, I was able to do so and we are done now with the module and all the delegates are done with all the labs as well since the time I took over the session! I know I went really fast to complete the session but it was needed as well! I still tried to maintain this thing at my best that I should not skip any explanation where ever was needed and demanded! I am still feeling really bad for the delegates since they suffered a lot in all of these five days without no fault of them at all! But hope, to some extent, in the context of the delivery at least, they are satisfied! All left just now smiling, doing hand shakes which is surely a good sign! I am still not going to have a sigh of relief as long as I am not going to see the official rating so I am still keeping my fingers crossed. But still, I do hope that even if it won’t be very good, it would not be “bad” too!

And now awaits for a long night and than a long day of travel but I am still happy since  I would be able to go to my home( hopefully, please God please please please!!) and see my family! There are some really important things happening at my home and for none of those, I could be there at home thanks to so many of responsibilities that I have on my shoulders. I hope I shall be able to complete of all my responsibilities and duties and bring some smile over the faces of those who mean this entire world to me, three people for whom I can do anything and everything, possible and impossible too! I just can’t wait to get back to home but still I have to but that’s okay :-) . Now, the first wait at the moment is for my cab which hopefully would be coming any moment now! Hope I shall catch some sleep and get some rest today :-) . Cab cab where are you ?


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