Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee Calling….

Its been quite some time since I have gone and sat in Cafe Coffee Day(CCD). Its not the coffee alone for which I want to go there but I also want to spend some time with just Aman too! And what can be better than doing it while sipping a Devil's Own! I have tasted all the flavors what CCD can offer and their counterparts from other places too like Barista. Still there must be many tastes which I have not yet get a chance to taste and the reason purely is logistics for it. For example, I tasted Hazelnut Latte while wandering around with Sidhu and it was indeed good but we bought it from a small coffee shop inside the City Select mall. I want to try it also from Starbucks but I guess Starbucks haven’t realized yet that how much business they are loosing by still not coming to India when every Inc. is counting a big chunk of its business from here! Anyways, I shall have my coffee some time later either today or tomorrow but since I have just come after driving on my scooter for an hour in a real hot day, I am first going to look for chilled water! I know coffee is calling and I am going to answer the call very soon!


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