Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gold Priced Dinner….

{Rant Started}

I am sure if you are a regular here, you must be knowing that I am still traveling only. I haven’t written anything though since I have come here. Its my 3rd visit to this city and my experience is ( like the past times) quite pleasant so far! The most important thing for me,since I am on an official tour here, is how my program is going and how delegates are receiving what I am saying . In that aspect, I guess, the delegates are extremely intelligent yet very friendly and co-operative ! We had a little bumpy ride for the first three days because of some logistic issues but today, that issue is a bit resolved since the venue itself is changed now! So today, as per the feedback given by the delegates, all went well and things were very smooth as compared to the last three days. And there is nothing that matters more for me than  the customer’s satisfaction so its the greatest thing for me that finally, delegates are happy! Other than that, here there is a different kind of schedule that I am supposed to follow and when I am saying different, it means really different. What’s different in the schedule? Well, I am taking a nap in the morning from around 9 to 11am, did it sound “different”  :-) ? I am starting my session at 2pm in the afternoon here because the delegates are busy in their work and its not possible to get them out from their day job for complete 5 days. I don’t get that much of sleep normally so that’s another good thing that’s happening with me here! But despite all the good things, there are few things which I can’t really call bad but still can’t call good too and the first one is weather. Since this is city which has sea , its quite natural to have humidity here and when you add that with hot summer weather, things go a little wild! The second thing is the traffic. Thankfully I am not traveling too far to go to my venue but still, I am hitting some traffic in the evening while coming back to my hotel and that’s enough to show that how worse it can be at its peak! And since I mentioned hotel, this makes me remind that today I had a dinner which did cost me around 800 INR( around 20USD) . For some, it may mean nothing and to be honest, it shouldn’t effect to me as well since this all is coming under the official expense but still, isn’t it bloody too much? I surely think it is and guess what, I am not even in a five starred hotel. I am in a three starred hotel which was chosen for solely one reason that it was the closest one from my venue but even in this hotel, one cup of tea costs around 40INR. Its not much right? Well, may be not but for me, who is habitual of having a tea cup far bigger than what I get from here and in just about 2INR, its pretty much, rather too much! And yes, it still does pinches me even when its going to be billed to my company. And it hurts even more when the names of the dishes, especially like salads are like Insalata Siciliana , Caprese which did cost me a fortune even when in the end, if I really look at the recipe , it was nothing more than a mix of the same vegetables which are otherwise too available and are eaten normally in salad very often! And when you order something which is really expensive thinking that its going to be somewhat different only to find out that it was actually just the name that was different, it pinches even more! I am not sure what anyone else would say but I really didn’t like this gold priced dinner at all!

{Rant Over}

PS: There is another rant that I have which is about a city/state but that would sea the sunshine at some other time because tomorrow I have the session starting at 9am and it would be a really LONG session so I need to do things at the moment. One, prepare what I have to discuss tomorrow and after that, catch some sleep!


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