Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st Kabbaddi World Cup & The Winner Is….

In case you don’t know ( if you are new here or don’t know me yet completely ) , I belong to Punjab and I am an in and out Punjabi guy who loves and has proud over being a Punjabi! I must say, because I have travelled  ( and still do) in almost entire India and abroad as well, I have a great respect for  the other  states as well  and before calling myself a Punjabi, I would call myself an Indian first! But still, its not just me but the entire world knows that there is no match of Punjab and Punjabis in some things! I can go on and on to explain the qualities but that’s not something that I am going to do today. Instead of that, I shall be talking about something that I just saw and which I like so much as well!

In India, the national game is Hockey. After this, the national Punjabi game is Kabaddi , a game which needs so much of strength yet demands being so quick! A complete team play which must be there in order to be a winner! I am a die hard fan of this game. Although, I have never played it at that level at which it is played worldwide( yes you read it correctly, its not a game just of Punjab anymore) but still, I don’t know what reason to give but I just feel so excited watching it! I never liked that stupid game called Cricket and I myself have practiced martial-arts for many years but still, Kabaddi is very close to my heart and forever will be! Its just amazing to see the quest happening to score just one point yet there are never hard feelings among the players for their opponent team. All the players of this game give so much of respect to their opponents and even greet them for scoring the point! Aah am I sounding so excited ? Well, you don’t need to guess since I really am! And the reason for that is that I just happened to see the first ever world cup of Kabaddi which did happen and start from this year. Its a great initiative from the state government to promote this game and through it, help those players who spend so much of time, some time, even lives over this game! That’s why there was a big cash prize that was decided for the winner team, a whooping cash prize of 1crore INR(10 million)! Even for the 2nd and 3rd positioned teams were supposed to get 50laks( 5million) and 25lakhs(2.5million)! And it was not ending just here, all the 9 participating nation’s teams were going to get a participation money of 5lakh(0.5 million). Besides this, for the best raider and stopper as well, there were prizes( check the Wikipedia link to know whats raider and stopper)! Also, while today’s match was going on, the state chief minister publically announced that all the players would get a good government job as well in next 15days! I must say that I was really happy to see all this. We all need encouragement, doesn’t matter how big or the small task may be, given even the smallest encouragement can motivate the person to push his limits and do wonders and that’s the same happened in the today’s match which also happened to be the last match, the finale of the tournament! Yes, it was the finale of the 1st world cup of Kabaddi and the winner of this year was India! WOOHOOO! The 2nd runner up was Pakistan and 3rd country was Canada! But the match wasn’t a close match at all! In fact, Indian team , since the starting itself, did make sure that the maximum  points would come to India only!! It was a terrific power display from Indian team who did beat its opponent team with a huge score of 58-24! Yes, its true that in a game, there would always be that one side would be a winner and the other tastes defeat! But all said and done, to be honest, no one would like to stand with a losing team! All would love to be only on the winning side. Also, it would also look so bad that the host country itself lost the game as well! So, I guess the entire team was so charged up that within just the few minutes of the starting, we were leading by 7 scores and this gap just kept on increasing up till the time. Also,  today was the day when Indian team showed that why are they so dangerous in Kabaddi! Can you imagine that how excited I was ( and still am) looking all that happening live from my home tv. It was just great and I just hope and wish, this tradition of uplifting this game would just keep on getting stronger day by day!

Oh, I am so excited that I forgot to mention that I am at home. Though I shall be at home for a very small time, I still can’t say that I am on vacation and need to do lot of work. And that doesn’t mean only Oracle related work but also the the houseold work since we are renovating our home! I am going extremely busy and there are tons of things going around around me as well which means, I am very tired and should get some sleep! So closing now! Nites!


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