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A Song Expressing True Emotions....

Words have so much power. Some times some things which are not otherwise expressible are so easily expressed by just few words. All the feelings, happiness, sadness, love,betrayal , everything is explained by them. Those who give shape to feelings through their words are the most amazing people. But words alone some times don't say it all.  They need a voice to be their companion and express that pain which is hidden in those words. Anyone can sing but not anyone can express that feeling of a broken heart, feelings of some one who have lost his/her everything for the sake of his/her love and still have got only tears in return. That melodious voice, that soulful voice comes to some chosen few. Sabar Koti is among those very few Punjabi singers who has made his mark with his soulful singing. If there is a soulful song, a song that has to represent pain, tears, Sabar Koti makes the lyrics come alive with his so intense and deep voice. I am listening to his songs from so long and every time I hear them, they feel so fresh, so alive.  That's the beauty of the singing of Sabar Koti.

Though there are a lot of songs which have been sung by numerous singers around the world but not all have done justice for the feelings of that lost lover who got tears from no one else but his/her own love. I blogged about one too which is sung by Shael,Hiriye. Like this one, there are and there will be so many other songs and lyrics which will try to express the same but its not possible that every one can bring that pain out by his singing. In the crowd of billions of songs like these, very few really touch your heart and soul so deep that they become immortal. Their words, their tunes , doesn't matter when you hear, where you hear, always leaves you mesmerized. One such song sung by Sabar Koti I listened today after so long time and it left me mesmerized once again just like the first time when I heard it.

Sabar Koti has sung this song almost 10 years back and it was one of the very first hits of him. But even after so long when you hear this song this sounds as fresh and as much new as it was 10 plus years back. This song is the combination of the most soulful voice and the most heart touching lyrics which have done complete justice in expressing the feelings of a guy who have lost everything for his love but in the last , his love only left him alone to wander in this cruel with nothing but his tears.

You can listen the song on YouTube here. The video of it also is very unique as it has a little talk in the starting. The talk between the hero( in black shirt) who is sitting  along with his friend( in striped shirt) and the emotions on the hero's face at the last dialogue tells the entire story and reveals that deep pain that he is going through. This song's lyrics and the starting conversation both are in Punjabi. I shall explain their meaning in English in a while. Here is the conversation first in Punjabi:

Friend>> Dekh main tera dost aan dushman in. Tere bhale di gall kardan.Meri gal mann, bhul ja usnu.

Hero>>(With fake smile) Chal chhad yaar, koi hor gal kar.

Friend>> Kujh tan soch, tainu is taran murjhaya vekh ke teri maa te ki beetdi hougi.Nale kinna chir usi gall nu chukk ke firi jayenga. Eh jindagi badi lambi hai mere yaar.Yaadan de sahare in katdi.

Hero>> Bas yaar hun tan pyar to vishwas jeha uth gaya!

And here are the lyrics in Punjabi:

kaun kare aitbar kise te, eh beitabri duniya!
Pair Pair te dhokhe dindi,eh jaalim sari duniya!

Socheya na dil lan ton pehlan,apna aap guwan to pehlan!
Asin besamjhe dil la ke dil te ade rahe,
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!

Sade dil diyan kachian kanda ton chah ban ban color girde rahe,
Koi gahak na mileya aina da lai galiyo gali firde rahe!
Kakhan wangar rul gaye, sooli chade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!

Ranjhe ne jehdian hoyian is sade nal hoyian oh thaggian,
Ki kariye maan preetan te,jehian laggina jehian chahe na laggian!
Sade naal mukaddar lagda lade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!

Eh ishq de fatt awalle ne asin bade lukaye lukade hi nai,
Pind purowal de shayar oye asin mukk challe gam mukadde hi nai!
Do naina de sagar hai har pal hade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!
Oh mausam wangu badal gaye ji asin rukhan wangu khade rahe!(repeat)

And here is the meaning of the conversation first in English:

Friend>> Look I am not enemy, I am your friend. For you own good only I am saying this, just forget her.

Hero>> (With fake smile)Leave it buddy. Lets talk about some thing else.

Friend>> Just think my friend. How would your mom be feeling by looking you like this. And for how long you would carry this pain with you? This life is so long buddy. It doesn't get pass by memories.

Hero>> My dear, I just have lost my  faith on love.

And now the lyrics in English are:

How can one rely on some one, this whole world is untrustable.

At every step this world betrays, this whole world is just so cruel and heartless!

I didn't think for once even before falling in love, before losing myself for love!

Me stupid fell in love and without thinking anything else, stayed like in that only!

But she changed just like weathers do and I stood there only like immovable trees!

She changed....(repeat)

Like on wet walls, pain doesn't stick, my emotions,happiness kept on breaking!

There is no buyer of these feelings,

I searched every corner,every street that I could find!

Like pebbles, I got kicked and like a slave got hanged!

She changed just like weathers do and I stood there only as immovable trees do!

She changed....(repeat)

The same betryals that happened with Ranjha,happened with me too!

On what I can proud on my love?There is nothing!

It seems that my own luck had a fight with me always!

She changed just like weathers do and I stood there only as immovable trees do!

She changed....(repeat)

These wounds of love are so weird, I tried to hide them so hard them but couldn't!

My life has come to its end but these pains of love seems never ending!

This ocean of tears in these two eyes seems always flooded!

She changed just like weathers do and I stood there only as immovable trees do!

She changed....(repeat)

She changed....(repeat)

I am not sure that how much you would like this song and/or lyrics of it. If you wont its okay as to understand the beauty of flowers , their importance, one should not ask that person who have spent his/her entire life on bed of roses but from the one who have spent his/her life with thorns. Pain of love and the pain of the lyrics of this song can be truly understood only if one has loved and lost it. Those who break hearts, they wont be able to feel the pain of that person whom they have given tears for lifetime. Its just so easy to slap some one and say sorry but its not that easy to bear that pain and insult what that slap gives. Like that only, you need to have that pain inside you to feel the true meaning of these lyrics and the feelings they are trying to express.

These lines come into mind which are from a guy who loved and lost it for the sake of his love. These are in Hindi. I shall explain their meaning in a while:

Thukra ke usne mujhe kaha muskrao,

Maine muskra diya aakhir sawal uski khushi ka tha!

Maine khoya wo jo mera kabhi tha hi nahin,

Par usne khoya wo jo sirf usi ka tha!

And their meaning in English is :

She left me and asked me to smile,

I did smile as it was the question for her happiness!

I lost some one who was never mine,

But she lost the one who was only hers!

I shall conclude by saying this only that its not so easy to bear the pains of wounds of love. Partly because they don't hurt the body but the soul which never gets cured once wounded and partly because they are not given by some one else but by that very person from whom one never expected. This reason alone is enough to make the wounds getting healed never.  I shall just say this that never hurt that person who loves you truly.  If you can't see that whether some one who is crying in front of you, his/her tears are for real, if you are not able to care about some one's love than its not the fault of that poor soul, its you who don't know what is love and understand its importance.  If you can't pick thorns from some one's path then don't spread more too. Love is the most precious gift one can ever get in his/her life, it changes lives. Let the change happen in some one's life for good, don't make falling in love with you some one's worst nightmare. Remember, you never know, that very heart who could love more than anyone,anything else in this whole world,  you might have broken that only just now. That love for which you were waiting for your entire life time,might be lying in front of you buried beneath the pieces of that very broken heart only. You never know, just keep this in mind!


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