Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Different & Long Travel....

Yes I shall be leaving tonight for a small program. Well as it is said all big things come in small packages so this small program is for the same module which I have just done. So its not actually that small too. The problematic part is that I shall not be going by flight this time. To my bad luck, there is no flight to where I am  going this time, at least not a direct one. There is a flight to another city and from there, one has to either take a bus/train or hire a cab.  Still not so bad but I guess its not that which is easy will happen with me. So for me, there is no flight which is going to that other city also. So it means I have to catch a train now and the not-so-good thing is that the train also doesn't leave from my place. So I have to go to Delhi in the night and than from there , early in the morning, I have to catch the train. Now as I am not so habitual to use trains so lets see how things will go plus the city where I am going is not so pleasant one so in total I am a little bit worried about the whole stuff.  Lets see what happens? I just hope and wish that everything goes fine, this time program plus the travel. Pray for me guys and wish me luck!


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