Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hair Cut, Shopping & Reunion....

Yup I went for shopping today, after a long time I guess. Its always fun to shop and if you are like me who wants nothing but the best in what ever budget he has, than it becomes a mission sort of ;-).Well this time it was not for me. One of my good friend's birthday is on this 7th( I shall miss it as I wont be around that time) so I wanted to buy some thing for him. I thought couple of things like jacket as its winter time, some accessory sort of thing but than taking consideration about his looks, work, I changed my mind and thought that will buy him a nice casual shirt. I don't know how well my choice is of things and it happens some times that people may not like what you buy or may be what you bought would be a tiny thing and may get lost too so I thought that a shirt would be nice, wont be easily lost( how one would lose some thing that he is wearing ;-)) too so I went for it. Well I did spend a lot of time, ate head of sales guys too much and finally bought one. It was a black one with small print over it. I thought that it would look nice on him so I took chance and bought it. As I was going to see him today only in his office so I thought if he wont like it than I shall get it change right away. So straight from shopping mall, I went to him and gave him  the shirt. He did like it (at least that's what he said to me). As he calls me his big brother so according to him , anything presented by brother would be nice only so its really nice. Ok I have nothing more to say, I am flattered now. Thanks Sumit for the kind words.

From this, I went for my hair cut. It was a long time back since I had my last one and as I would be leaving pretty soon so I thought I would go for it. Nothing happened unusual there except for one thing that some one over there asked me some thing about some things that happened some time back. A little tongue in cheek right :-)? Anyways I don't know how come that person came over to that point, was it a hunch or he really did find some thing over my face, I have no idea but it was shocking to hear some thing like that from that person. I didn't give any answer and just said I don't remember everything that happens with me, for which I got the answer that I am lying. Well I don't answer what I don't want to so I just said that I have to leave urgently. I guess I may change my timing next time to visit my saloon.

In the evening I went to see one of my very good friends who has come from London for his marriage. It was a mix of feelings as I was happy to see him and also excited that he would be getting married soon now(  23rd of this very month) but also was sad and worried to see that my friend is not well and is under going lot of pain. I wont discuss what has happened to him here. It was a real pain to see him in this kind of condition but he told me that he is having medicine from a good doctor and he is improving also very fast. So within days, he would be completely fine. I just wish and pray to god that the same will happen very soon. It was a good travel and good change for me. Tomorrow may be I shall meet with another friend who has come back to Punjab after a long time. Great great great!


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