Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Love, Gift Or Punishment....

It is said that love is happiness and to be in love is getting the best gift ever. Yes it is in real too. Love is the greatest miracle that can happen to some one in his/her life. There are so many who long for it for their entire life but still don't get it. They try it to find it so much but they are not able to and its true too that they wont be too as love is not some thing that one can search anywhere. If it has to come to you, it will find you. And when that happens, it seems that there is no need to seek for heaven coz heaven is right there in the arms of your love. There is no need to seek for happiness as the entire world's happiness lies in those two eyes and in that smile which comes on the face of your love. There is nothing more beautiful than falling in love. Yes love is indeed the most beautiful thing that can happen to one in his/ her life. But happiness never comes without tears, roses are never without thorns. In the same way, love can be hurting too. Its not always a fairy tale. Its not always red roses. Some times, what one gets from it is just thorns and nothing else.

Yes love can give the most hurting pains too some times. The wounds of love are not even healed by time as wounds on outer body can be healed but how that wounded soul can be healed? Some times it happens that the person whom you take as your life, he only takes it from you. Yes you may be still alive but its just like some one takes your soul out and leaves a body, an empty body  which is alive but has no life. You are left with tears, cries and a broken heart and with questions, so many of them which you ask to yourself with every passing breath and heartbeat but still get no answers. You ask your self so many times that what was there that was left which you didn't do for your love to make him/her happy, to prove that you loved her/him truly but you are not able to find any answer. Why it did happen that whom you gave that very heart of yours, why the same person only broke it into millions of pieces! Why it did happen that the person whose eyes you always wanted to be filled with happiness , he only gave a gift of endless tears to your eyes! You keep on trying to find the answers of this questions, telling your self all the time that there is nothing like this that has happened and its all just a bad dream which will be over soon but always a crude reality strikes you when you look around and realize that its not a dream , its for real.

Here is a song which is produced by Taj-E. It is depicting  the emotions of some one who thought love would be really nice and sweet but what he got was some thing different. He is asking some questions to his love.  The lyrics are in Punjabi. I shall explain the meaning in English too. The song is Sajna.  Here are the lyrics in Punjabi :

Kehdi ditti ae saza sajna, kehdi ditti ae saza sajna,

Oh saza di vi gal koi naa, koi das ja wajah sajna!

koi das ja wajah sajna!koi das ja wajah sajna!

Tun tan pyar pa ke bhul gaya ve,

Sanu pata lagga lokan, tun horan te dull gaya ve!

Hai tun tan horan te dull gaya ve!

Bada julam kamaya ve, bada julam kamaya ve,

Sutteya tun inj sajna, tainu taras na aya ve!

Hai tainu taras na aya ve, taras na aya ve!

Oh doran rabb utte suttian ne, doran rabb utte suttian ne,

Arry kade bhuleya na, jina chotan dittina ne!

And here is the meaning of the song in English:

For what you have given me this punishment,

Even if you have given me this punishment,

Just tell me one reason too why you have given this punishment?

You made me fall in love and  forgot me,

Its been told to me by others that now your soul mate is some one else!

Its so painful but why couldn't you see,

You threw me away just like that,

Didn't you feel my pain for one moment even?

I have left everything on God now,

But Arry never can forget those who have given him so much pains!


Some time back, I read these lines some where. Though these are just 2 lines but their meaning is so much deep and it can be understood by only who have loved and got wounded. Have a read:

Pyar na yaara kite pa lawin, sukh chain tera sab lutt jawega!

Vich pyar de jad tainu satt wajju, khuli hawa vich v dum tera ghutt jawega!

And their meaning in English is :

Don't fall in love my friend, you will lose your all peace and happiness!

When it will hurt you, even in open air, you will lose your breaths!

There is nothing that I have with me to say. I shall conclude by saying this only that love is indeed the greatest gift that one can get and at the same time one can gift to some one. But remember, love is not so easy. If there is some thing so much hard to do is to do some thing for some one else, make some one else smile on the cost of your happiness. Its much easier said than done. Love is the only thing which brings all the joys but at the same time, its love only which takes away all of them too. If you are in love with some one ( or are just saying to some one that you are in love with him/her) than try to do one thing and that is not to hurt that person ever. The only thing that you wont be able to make right ever again will be that broken heart.It hurts too much more when the pain is given by some one closer to the heart. That pain is not bearable. Love is not a moment, or a time period. Its a commitment, a promise of life time that you make when you say those 3 magical words to some one. Its not just phone calls , movies and gifts, its much more than that. Its not to leave your loved ones alone but to stick with them when no one else is willing to do so. Remember for you, that some one may be just a person who exists, but for that  person, its just you with whom everything else exists. Its true that with love, pain and tears come along without asking but don't make them some one's life. Love is not to gift these but to take them all away with you so that just smiles can be there with that some one special. If you cant give some one smiles, you have no right to give them tears too. Don't give some one a life which will kill him/her with every passing breath. Make love for some one the most precious gift of his/her life time, not the most cruel punishment!


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