Sunday, December 23, 2007

Congrats Aman & Raman....

A few months back, one of my closest friends, Amandeep and Raman become one from two to start a new beginning when they got engaged. Today was the day when they have finally tied the knot and got married. It was such a nice feeling to see some one so close getting married. It just feels like that was  yesterday when me and Amandeep met for the first time about 8 some years back when we joined in the same high school class. Amandeep was so much talkative and the first thought that came to my mind that how much this boy talks! I never knew at that time that this talkative boy only will become one of my closest pals, some one who is really close to me like a brother only, always there to give me his advice, support in what ever I need. And that young boy today became a man. Its an amazingly nice and satisfying feeling that my friend is going to start his new life and has also got such a good partner to share with him this journey of life. This is the picture of last year when Amandeep and Raman got engaged.


And this is their snap today when they have got married. This was taken after the wedding ceremonies got over and cake was cut by them.


I wish Amandeep and Raman both a very happy married life.  I am so much happy for them today. May God give them his choicest blessings forever! Congrats Aman and Raman from the bottom of my heart! One more thing,if you are thinking that the 2nd snap is not so good and both Aman and Raman are looking a little different than for this the culprit is none other but me. Yes I only took this snap. There were a lot of movement and I tried my best to get the best shot but I don't think I got much success. Sorry for this!

On a different note, my friend Gaurav who was there with me in the wedding took a few snaps of mine. I don't normally wear shades but this time I did wear them for the travel. So here is me wearing dark shades and looking like a gangster.


Hmm not so good if you ask me. You can see all three and the mastermind behind this, yes Gaurav too in those pics once you click on the snap :-). I am too much tired so I am off to bed now. I wont be getting much sleep after tomorrow for next couple of days too. So see you in the morning.  Adios!


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