Thursday, December 27, 2007

11g, A Little Naughty One....

Well after the first date, things should become more smooth. At least all the misunderstandings should be clear right? I am afraid I am not able to say the same for this 11g database. I did install it quite without any pain and also worked over it for about 15 minutes. Said it bye in a nice manner with a hope in the heart that the next time, I shall be greeted by it with a smile. But I guess that's not happening. All of a sudden Enterprise Manager is now not working. Despite installing the database again, the problem is still there. I am at the moment buried under the log files of EM. Hope I shall get some thing out of it. At the moment, 11g is behaving very naughty. Well so am I  so lets see who wins :-).And one last note, I don't like losing ;-)!


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