Tuesday, December 25, 2007

License For Blogs....

Blog is some thing which is about your self and what you feel about anything. And it is so much good to have as much readership as one can get for his/her blog. And this means that more and more people/sites/blog must spread what one writes. But does this mean that people are allowed to give their names to your work and take away that credit which is meant for you? Your work may inspire some one to do some thing better for his/her own work but this doesn't mean that he/she should not give you the credit for the original thought process. At least an attribution to the original source of the content is must if not anything else. Now the issue is that if you are running your blog by yourself , means hosting it own on your own than you have full control as you are the owner of that domain under which your work is hosted. But how about free hostings like Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress? What about them? What kind of control one can have over these free blogging sites? Though they are free but still there must be some mechanism to save your credits. So what do you think its a good point or not?Agreed with the points? If yes good but if not than you may be interested in reading that why bloggers should blog under some license ?

The answer comes from Creative Commons license which provides options of different licenses helping you to copyright your work which may be in any form , be it  text, pictures, music, blog in such a way that people are able to share your work without asking you but they have to attribute your name over it which will make sure that you will get the required credit what is must! The best part is CreativeCommons license is effective in the court too. So it means that with this, it is really assured that your work is safely copyrighted and if some one voilates the copyright than trouble may come for him/her.

CreativeCommons licenses are also available internationally. You can use your country and use the license which is covering your country specific jurisdiction. If you can't find your country than don't panic as it must be coming soon. For India, the jurisdiction site is here.

So what you think ? Let me know your comments,thoughts about it. If you ask me, I guess its a must.


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