Friday, December 14, 2007


Yes I got back today morning from a chilly and tough program. It is so chilly at this time at my place and the fun is that where I came from , there was no sign even of cold. Though I was prepared to experience this cold and chilly weather but imagine you are traveling in a bus at 2am in a temperature of 10 degree. Not so much enjoyable right? Well my program went well and that's the most important thing for me. We ended with a good note and smile was there on everyone's face. That's what I need and want all the time so can say that I am a little relieved.

As usual, I started from my home one day prior to the program in bus. Well this time , I started rather very early from the usual time of mine as my flight was at 5pm and I had to start at about 7am to meet the timing. I got at the airport without any news-making incident and in one piece :). It was as usual so packed but the best thing happened was that the flight was on time which is a real relief at the moment coz of the ever increasing air traffic. Normally it happens that I  get at the venue at 12am and some time after that also so I don't get much time to relax and prepare but as I was going to get my place quite early so it gave me time to get settle as well as prepare also. Preparation was so much important this time as the audience which was going to come was too much strong and I really needed to prepare myself for almost every unusual thing. It was good that I got the time coz what I expected came true when we finally started.

When we started the program, it was in the start only I came to know that the audience is pretty experienced and the guys are really strong in their knowledge about Oracle Database. You can expect the level of their expertise from this that they were chosen as a team by Oracle to test Oracle 11g as a beta testing program partners and out of 14, 3 guys are managing their companies India Data Center with all the higher end technologies, RAC, Data Guard etc. And its not that they are simply managing it, they are really pushing the limits of all these technologies to their maximum limits. It was really nice to have a chat with them and see that there are some people who really love what they do and coz they love their work, they are the really good in it. These guys really gave me a hard time with their questions and for few questions, I had to tell them that I shall get back to them later over email. Good experience for me it was , I would say. There was a lot of discussion and there was lots of suggestions that they gave to make the program more effective and better. I really liked their suggestions and hope that they would be implemented very soon too. Over all, it was one of the best sessions ( at least for me).

Yesterday I came to the airport for catching my flight. To a strange, this flight was also on time. It never happened in the past but this time may be I was lucky. There was one more coincident that I saw this time both the times on the airports, there were a lot of newly wed couples which were traveling to/from Delhi to/from different places. It was so nice to see so many of them. In my return flight only , there must be 5-6 which were traveling back to Delhi. Besides me there was one couple sitting. I am not sure whether it was their love marriage or they really fall in love after marriage but they were so much happy and loving to each other. Once the gal was feeling was tired to she slept in the lap of her guy and the guy was pressing her forehead. He made her have water. They fed each other dinner over the flight.  It was so nice to see that still love exists in this world and there are still some people who really and truly love their loved ones. But one can talk about only what he/she has got personally but still it was nice to see them.

I shall be leaving tomorrow. But again there is a lot of twist there for this tour. Besides being tough in the content, the travel it self will be really tough. I shall let you know about this a bit later. At the moment , I shall look some thing to eat and will sleep or will listen music for some time to make me relax. Want to study but have no energy at the moment. So see you later guys!Adios!


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