Thursday, December 27, 2007

11g,First Meet....

Yup I just installed Oracle database 11g. I did install it once before too but that was some thing which was done with more haste so lets not count it. This time its done with little more patience so we will call this as the first encounter or meeting with 11g. Hmm so my thoughts about it right? Well I have done the installation on a window xp box with C2D processor and 2gig of RAM so it got installed without any ooh-aah-ouch. Yeah couple of things have changed in the installation for example, it needs a new listener which is a mandatory component of installation. The Enterprise Manager gets installed with secure, HTTPS port. The database installation with Database Configuration Assistant(DBCA) has also got couple of changes. Now DBCA just installs the database with a combined setting for both SGA, PGA. The option is still there for individual settings but I guess that wont be recommended. Also there are some typical security settings and automatic maintenance task settings which are recommended by Oracle to be set. Its a little heavy in the installation what I felt. I yet have to start the technical playing with it which will explore more things. I have received a resource disk from Oracle for 11g which has got tons of videos, tutorials and so much more which will be helping me out in getting things. Its a great move by Oracle to make people understand the product better. So with the installation done, lets see now how things will go.  Fingers crossed!


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